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Baby girl names and meanings from the bible

In biblical times, a name often represented a person's reputation or nature. It was common to choose a name that would reflect characteristics of the person or the parents' aspirations for the child. Most Hebrew names had well-known, easy-to-understand meanings. The Old Testament prophets drew on this tradition by giving their children names symbolic of their prophetic statements.

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Christian Girl Names • Christian Girl Baby Names & Meanings

In biblical times, a name often represented a person's reputation or nature. It was common to choose a name that would reflect characteristics of the person or the parents' aspirations for the child. Most Hebrew names had well-known, easy-to-understand meanings.

The Old Testament prophets drew on this tradition by giving their children names symbolic of their prophetic statements. For example, Hosea named his daughter Lo-ruhama , which means "not pitied," because he said God would no longer have pity on the house of Israel. Today, Christian parents continue to value the ancient custom of choosing a biblical name with important significance for the life of their child.

This collection of biblical girl names brings together actual names from the Bible and names derived from biblical words, including the language, origin, and meaning of the name see also Baby Boy Names. Adina Hebrew - 1 Chronicles - adorned; voluptuous; dainty; slender.

Bathsheba Hebrew - 2 Samuel - the seventh daughter; the daughter of satiety. Bethany Hebrew - Matthew - the house of song; the house of affliction. Carmel Hebrew - Joshua - circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn. Cleophas Latin - Luke - the whole glory. Daniela Hebrew - 1 Chronicles - judgment of God; God my judge. Deborah Hebrew - Judges - word; thing; a bee.

Delilah Hebrew - Judges - poor; small; head of hair. Share Flipboard Email. Mary Fairchild. Christianity Expert. Mary Fairchild is a full-time Christian minister, writer, and editor of two Christian anthologies, including "Stories of Cavalry.

Facebook Facebook Twitter Twitter. Updated January 12, Abigail Hebrew - 1 Samuel - the father's joy. Abihail Hebrew - 1 Chronicles - the father is strength. Abishai Hebrew - 1 Samuel - the present of my father. Adah Hebrew - Genesis - an assembly. Adriel Hebrew - 1 Samuel - the flock of God.

Angela Greek - Genesis - Angelic. Anna Greek, from Hebrew - Luke - gracious; one who gives. Ariel Hebrew - Ezra - altar; light or lion of God. Artemis Greek - Acts - whole, sound. Atarah Hebrew - 1 Chronicles - a crown. Bekah Hebrew - Exodus - half a shekel. Bernice Greek - Acts - one that brings victory. Bethel Hebrew - Genesis - the house of God.

Beulah Hebrew - Isaiah - married. Bilhah Hebrew - Genesis - who is old or confused. Calah Hebrew - Genesis —12 - favorable; opportunity. Camon Latin - Judges - his resurrection. Candace Ethiopian - Acts - who possesses contrition. Charity Latin - 1 Corinthians - dear. Chloe Greek - 1 Corinthians - green herb.

Cilicia Latin - Acts - which rolls or overturns. Claudia Latin - 2 Timothy - lame. Damaris Greek, Latin - Acts - a little woman. Diana Latin - Acts - luminous, perfect. Dinah Hebrew - Genesis - judgment; who judges. Dorcas Greek - Acts - a female roe-deer. Drusilla Latin - Acts - watered by the dew. Fortunatus Latin - 1 Corinthians - fortunate; lucky. Kamon Latin - Judges - his resurrection. Kerioth Hebrew - Jeremiah - the cities; the callings. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

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The Ultimate List of Biblical Girl Names (With Meanings)

One of the most common places for expectant parents to find baby name inspiration is the Bible. Some are looking for a name that expresses their faith, and others want a name with history or roots. Some parents simply love the sound of names such as Eva, Ezra, Gideon, and Jordan. But overall, parents are naming kids Bible names at the all-time lowest rate.

You will find both classic and unusual baby names in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. They carry a history that can be appealing to have as part of your own child's story.

Bible names for girls have been popular in the US since the beginning of name history, with the ultimate Bible girl name Mary dominating the number one spot until the early Sixties, and Sarah ranking among the top five throughout the Eighties. The Bible is also the unlikely source for some of the trendiest girls' names, including Delilah — the top girl name starting with D — as well as Ada, Phoebe, Lydia, Naomi, and the many variations of Eve. The Bible can also be an excellent source of unique names for girls. Here's our complete collection of biblical baby names for girls.

200 Christian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Biblical girl names have long been a favorite of parents thanks to their beautiful meanings and associations. God is my father. Father of dew. Ankle bracelet. God is my refuge; noble one. Noble, gentle, delicate. Congregation of God. Messenger of God. Lion of God.

The Most Beautiful Biblical Girl Names For Babies

Rachel and Grace aren't the only female bible names. The Bible and Christian history are rich with intriguing female biblical name options for babies—from Abigail to Zipporah. Consider one of these bible names with strong meaning for your baby girl. Elizabeth An enduring classic, Elizabeth means "consecrated to God.

Traditions and customs define people, their thoughts, and opinions, their lifestyle, etc. One such lifestyle is to choose a name and Christian or Biblical names are a mirror of passing down faith in the younger generations to come.

The Christian Bible has long been a source of inspiration for people all over the world, in all facets of everyday life. But the teachings of the Bible go beyond morality. The revelations from the many texts included in the Bible make themselves known in all kinds of unexpected places in everyday life. Among other things, the Bible is full of names.

26 Beautiful Christian Baby Girl Names With Their Meanings

The options are limitless — you can pick the most popular ones , unique ones , ones with meaning , and even, adorable names. From the Apostles to leaders from the Old and New Testaments, these names are for anyone who wants their baby to grow up to be someone who is proud of their faith every step of the way. Whether you're looking for a boy or girl's name, this Biblical baby names list can inspire you to add a few faith-based options to your list.

The Bible may not be the first place you think to turn for baby name inspiration. From Elizabeth to Martha, the Bible is full of incredible women who made an indelible mark on the Christian world. Who better for your baby girl to share a name with than a woman marked by her strength and faith? This Hebrew name, which means "her father's joy" or "fountain of joy," is the name of Nabal's wife in the Old Testament , who later became the third wife of King David. Abigail was known for her intelligence, sensibility, and beauty , which she demonstrated even while married to the churlish, dishonest Nabal. Ariel, which means "lion of God" in Hebrew, is used as another name for the city of Jerusalem in the Old Testament.

175+ Beautiful And Unique Christian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

If you're not a fan of unique or trendy girl names, and prefer something with more meaning behind it, look no further. These religious monikers dig a little deeper and are rich with biblical history and tradition. You might be surprised at what you find! The Hebrew name means "my father is joy," which is basically made for a future daddy's girl. In the Old Testament, Abigail was the third wife of King David and was a prophet of unwavering faith. Mary was the mother of Jesus Christ, and the name is most likely Egyptian. However, in Hebrew, Mary means "wished for child" or "rebelliousness," which are traits most often associated with the Mother of Christ. The Hebrew name comes from the word "chawah," which means "to breathe.

May 21, - Among other things, the Bible is full of names. Biblical names are so common in Western culture that many parents don't even realize the name.

The day is finally here! Your little princess is finally born. As parents, you probably went through many baby name books, scoured the Internet for unique names and its meanings. But nothing satisfied you, right? A name is one of the greatest gifts that your baby will carry for the rest of her life.

50 Biblical Baby Names Perfect for Naming a Little Angel

When we think of the Bible, we think of wise and courageous men who were valiant leaders to their people and faithful servants to God. But there were many Biblical women who possessed equal strength, fearlessness, and intelligence if not more , and whose actions and words have shaped history. If you're looking for strong women role models to name your baby girl after, there is no better collection of ideas than the Holy Book.

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