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Registered midwives are health professionals who provide expert primary care for healthy women and their babies throughout pregnancy, birth and the first six weeks postpartum. Midwives specialize in normal, low risk pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care and attend births in hospitals, birthing centres and at home. Midwifery skills and services encompass the care healthy pregnant women need — physical examinations and health assessments, screening and diagnostic tests, appropriate treatments and medications, information and education, labour support, delivery and care of the new baby and support for breastfeeding. This includes access to related health services and consultation with family physicians, obstetricians, paediatricians and other specialists as needed. Midwifery care is based on the principles of partnership with the woman and family, informed choice, continuity of care and choice of birthplace.

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Maternity care in Australia

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Pregnant with her first child at 38, the human-rights lawyer had never envisioned having a baby anywhere but in a hospital. Amrita Kapur with three-month-old Ishani at their home in Coogee. Credit: Dominic Lorrimer. But in October, she became one of the first to give birth in Sydney's only publicly funded home-birth service.

The Randwick-based Royal Hospital for Women's home-birth program offers women with low-risk pregnancies the choice of giving birth in their homes at no cost, supported by two midwives, including a seasoned home-birth mentor.

Only 14 hospitals offer home birthing nationally. Ms Kapur's husband, Paul Keogh, had encouraged her to explore the option, and so she researched the risks and benefits of home birthing.

The comfort, privacy, level of autonomy over her body and the absence of interventions that home birthing offered appealed to her. She gave birth to her daughter Ishani in a birthing pool in the lounge room of their Coogee apartment. It was a beautiful moment. Amrita Kapur holding Ishani after giving birth. Credit: Amrita Kapur. After breastfeeding Ishani, and on the advice of her midwife, Ms Kapur was transferred to the Royal by paramedics who had been notified that she was home birthing that day.

She had lost marginally more blood than expected and was transferred for observation as a precaution. Amrita Kapur is supported by her husband Paul Keogh at their Coogee home moments after she gave birth to Ishani. The service is available to women who are assessed as being at very low risk, and are expected to have a normal, straightforward vaginal birth without pain-relief drugs. Ten women have had home births with the service since it began in July. Five were first-time mothers.

Another 22 women have booked their home births up to June. The home births are managed in accordance with the public hospital's guidelines and NSW Health policy. Amrita Kapur and Paul Keogh with their baby girl Ishani. Three women who were hoping for a home birth delivered their babies in hospital because they no longer met the low-risk criteria.

No woman has been transferred from home to hospital in labour. Women who plan for a home birth but go into labour before 37 weeks or who have not gone into labour seven to 10 days after their due date will need to give birth in hospital.

Helen McCarthy, director of Nursing and Midwifery Services at the Royal said the feedback from women who used the service had been "outstanding". Roughly 0. High quality research comparing the outcomes of hospital and home births in Australia is limited, due to the small numbers choosing the latter.

In a study of 16, planned home births in England, 21 per cent were transferred to hospital. A Dutch study of , low-risk women attempting a home birth found 32 per cent were transferred to hospital. But the college said the small group of women who opted for home births should be "maximally supported in that choice". Midwife and home-birth mentor Sheryl Sidery is training the hospital's team of midwives in home-birth deliveries to build the workforce and ease the on-call pressure for staff.

Women are very vulnerable and they need to give birth where they feel most safe and trust their bodies and their caregivers. The Sydney public hospital offering pregnant women home births. The Sydney Morning Herald. Amrita Kapur knows she is not the "stereotypical home-birth mother".

The midwives provide perinatal care at home for up to two weeks after the births. License this article. Pregnancy Healthcare Babies Motherhood. Kate Aubusson Twitter Email.

Welcome To My Midwives

Error: This is required. Error: Not a valid value. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, you might wonder what care and support will be available to you. This article describes options for pregnancy care, where to give birth and the costs involved — so you can make the choices that are best for you.

She is affiliated with the Australian College of Midwives. In the much-loved British TV drama Call the Midwife , women are offered care from dedicated midwives through pregnancy, labour and birth. The midwives are therefore able to get to know the women and practice their skills with confidence, independence and pride.

Find a midwifery student to accompany you throughout your pregnancy journey. Midwifery students are individuals who are passionate midwives in training, and they are looking for pregnant women to work with. If you are interested in having a student midwife share your pregnancy journey, read on to find out what it is all about. Midwifery students are required as a component of their formal studies to work directly with women in what is often called a Continuity of Care Experience COCE — where the students follow the woman through her pregnancy, birth and postnatal journey.

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Why do women seek to give birth at home? And how can home birth be approached in the safest manner possible? We have a lot of issues with insurance. New Zealand is 5 percent. So why do women want to give birth at home? Hannah says the reasons vary but there are some common threads. They believe in nature. Currently, insurance is a real problem for Australian midwives and this may impact future choices for women to birth at home with a registered midwife.

The Sydney public hospital offering pregnant women home births

A midwife specialising in home births believes increasing numbers of women are choosing to "free birth" because they do not want to have their babies in a hospital and cannot afford private care. Private midwife Bronwyn Moir works in what she described as the nation's "hotspot" for babies born outside of hospitals. Ms Moir is based in the northern New South Wales city of Lismore, where she also runs a "birth house" for women wanting to have their babies in a home-like setting. The region was recently in the spotlight when a mother, whose baby died three days after an unsupervised home birth, told an inquest she did not understand the risks involved.

Suggested Care Provider Visit Schedule during pregnancy: , 16, 20, 24, 28, 31, 34, 36, 38, 40, 41 weeks. Covid Update: We are fully operational as a business and have taken every precaution we can to provide a safe environment for our clients and staff.

Midwives associated with Midwives Australia live and practice all over Australia. Private Practice Midwife. Low booking numbers to enhance the quality of service.

midwives - sydney

Your choices may be limited by where you live and what options there are in your community. Alternatively, there may be so many options that it is difficult to make a decision. The various arrangements for care can be quite complex.

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Pregnant with her first child at 38, the human-rights lawyer had never envisioned having a baby anywhere but in a hospital. Amrita Kapur with three-month-old Ishani at their home in Coogee. Credit: Dominic Lorrimer. But in October, she became one of the first to give birth in Sydney's only publicly funded home-birth service. The Randwick-based Royal Hospital for Women's home-birth program offers women with low-risk pregnancies the choice of giving birth in their homes at no cost, supported by two midwives, including a seasoned home-birth mentor.

Find a Midwife

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural life events and more than 2 in 3 Australian women will have a vaginal birth. While all women hope for a straightforward pregnancy and birth, there is always a chance of complications that might affect the mother, the baby or both. These risks may help determine where you have your baby — in a birthing centre, in a hospital or at home. You and your partner should have all the information you need before choosing where you have your baby, but you can change your mind at any time. During pregnancy and birth, your healthcare team will help you identify any risks to you or your baby, and manage them in the best possible way. Here are some of the options available to you, including public and private care alternatives. The choice you make about where to give birth will depend on your needs and risks and, to some extent, on where you live.

It's vital to find a Midwife whom you feel safe and comfortable with. We're always welcoming new additions to our contact list. Email us your details to add.

Midwives are growing in popularity but still largely misunderstood. But in a country dealing with a maternal health crisis , that may all be about to change. Timothy J. Millennials in particular may want something different than the medical model when they decide to have a baby.

Pregnancy care & birthing options

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