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Girl meets world of terror 1

See the full list. The kids face a trilogy of terror when Riley has a sleepover at Maya's with her Gammy Hart and pet ferret. Auggie confronts the monster under his bed, and Farkle tackles his most terrifying fear yet - playing softball. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

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How to watch Girl Meets World: Season 1: Girl Meets World: Of Terror on Netflix Luxembourg!

My favorite part of the episode was when Lucas asked Riley if they had the most important relationship and the whole class burst into laughter. These writers are so shady. I could be completely off the mark, but I think there was a lot of winking at the audience in this script. Objectively speaking, yeah, I think the line was a wink and a nod at the audience--there were a few of those in the original show.

As a what if story, there was some nice stuff, but outside of that, this was another mess. Why can' they just do a normal Halloween episode, instead of this odd in between stuff? All I have to say right now is, yes, alternate-Cory was a better teacher. He's not Feeny but he -is- a good teacher. I will admit to some confusion as to how some of those things were different. Why didn't Cory interfere in her life just because Maya wasn't her friend?

There were a couple of others, but that's the main one. And yes, we have seen their meeting before - Girl meets the Bay Window; almost the end of season 2. And this was really the first even -hint- of a relationship since they became a couple.

His whole idea of history and teaching was so robotic that I feel like Cory never met Feeny or Turner in this timeline. Evi-That was a question that I had. If the only thing that was different was that Riley and Maya never met, why was Cory so diffrent? It was like he never had the influences of Shawn, Topanga, Feeny, or Turner to shape his personality. Pretty nice quick review Sean. All I can add about World of Terror 3 is that it wasn't World of Terror 2, and that is a positive thing.

One important thing to note, and it's hard to pick up from what we actually saw: At the taping, when ghost Auggie was saying goodbye to everything the line was longer. He added, where's dad? Apparently he didn't understand it and Jacobs told him that there is no dad, that's why he was never born.

So at some point in this alternate timeline, Corpanga ended. Obviously at some point in editing that small but important was cut out.

To me that would have been the MOST interesting thing in the episode, so maybe that's why they cut it. I think it makes sense why they cut it out--chaos theory can have some far-ranging complications, but I think the writers may have realized that Riley and Maya not being friends should not have that large an impact on Cory and Topanga's relationship.

Most of the changes in this episode made sense, that one would have been too far a stretch. I see your point, Cryptid, but they way I saw it, without this EXTRA daughter that their daughter adopted, I think Cory doesn't push himself to be the best dad possible, and If you don't buy that, I can accept it and see why not. It's how I look at it though, maybe. That needed to be in there, because it explains so many of the aspects of this episode that didn't make sense.

It explains why Cory is so different. If you only have 22 minutes, the easiest way to make time for that is to cut Ava and Dewey's subplot. Cooper-I agree. I can't imagine that raising Riley as a little girl was a major struggle. She seems like a pretty good, easy kid to be around. Also, if Cory and Topanga broke up, then many other things in the episode make much more sense.

It also explains why Auggie was never born. The problem in the episode is that you need to explain it. In "Quantum Leap," Al always told Sam what he thought the mission was and why he had to change history. In "Back to the Future" Doc clearly explained Marty's goals. Kit, I agree about cutting Ava and Doy.

I mean if there is no Auggie, why would Topanga have any kind of relationship with Ava at all. It seems like alternate universe Ava should just be living with her mom, oblivious to the Matthews' apartment. I do think they should have just come out and told us about the breakup of Corpanga. They left us subtle hints, but nothing definitive. The only scene where Cory and Topanga interacted was at the end when they opened the window and Maya came in, other than that, the two of them didn't share a scene, and neither ever mentioned the other.

I actually find the very idea of Corpanga divorcing very troubling, especially since we don't know what caused it. I can't imagine that and I don't want to imagine that. CryptidI thought the moment the alternate timeline started was when Riley and Maya didn't meet because the window was closed.

You bring up a very interesting theory. In the original timeline, Cory was the one who opened a window. What if Cory and Topanga separated before Riley and Maya met. If Cory isn't there to open the window, maybe that's the reason Riley and Maya never met as little kids. Kit - Accept it was stated by ghost Auggie, who I trust more than real Auggie, that the point where it all changed was -at- that point.

If Cory and Topanga breaking up was the route, it should have been -them- that needed to be fixed before Auggie started becoming real again. Whilst I do like Corpanga, a one-off alternate timeline episode that states a divorce is something I could get behind.

And given this story is about Riley, it probably can't be done. I actually really love alternate-timeline stories, for what it's worth, so maybe that's why I like the majority of this episode. Agree with you, Sober Sean, all the way down the line, about this one. So Corpanga dissolved before Aug was born, and Riles just lives with her mom, and THAT's why she and her dad have this distance between each other, and why it's a novelty for Sunshine Riles to be in his classroom.

He wasn't there for her in middle school. When he and Topanga broke up because how could they not if people don't change people , he became weird glasses-wearing Boring Anal Ultra-Feeny out of shock and mourning.

We've stumbled into the darkest this show has ever gotten, so we quietly tried to hide it because Disney. Wait, was there a line that mentioned that this was the first year Cory had Riley in his classroom? I think it also explains why Riley is so cheerful and happy. When I first heard about this episode, my assumption was that they were doing little vignettes as individuals stories. Alright, then. So seeing as they admit this episode is not canon, I think it's safe to assume the previous World of Terrors may not be canon either.

World of Terror 1 is Season One crummy, but nothing outrageously bad. If World of Terror 2 is no longer canon, then I say Hallelujah, This episode's opening is a mixed bag, Riley and Maya have a very strong "King" sense here, and this is probably the weakest we've seen Cory as a teacher in some time. It feels a lot more like Season 2. Say what you will about recent episodes, Cory has actually improved his classes for the most part.

I enjoyed Farkle and Isadora's little explanation of chaos theory. It explained things briefly, and in a way the children watching this episode could understand, so good work there. Also, Farkle got to thump Friar on the head and Isadora didn't flirt with Friar. And I have to give the writers a fair bit of credit here. They get the ball rolling with the Chaos Theory. The Chaos Timeline is introduced very quickly, before the opening credits. Compare that to "The Santa Clause 3," which took over half the movie to even get to its Alternative Timeline.

As for the changes themselves--Maya's makes a lot of sense. I had to think about it, but it does make sense. Maya was very much the more dominant friend in their duo when the show started, often getting her way over even more trivial matters.

It doesn't make any sense for Isadora to not be at Einstein, since she and Farkle aren't dating and Riley isn't her friend. But it makes even less sense for her to have that dental work--she never had that, I don't even remember her having braces. Furthermore, why is Chaos Riley not friendly with Chaos Farkle? Their parents know each other--is it that much a stretch to think their paths would have crossed when they were little, regardless of Maya's presence? Ghost Auggie doesn't do much for me, but not just because we spend time with Ava and Doy--though they're not terribly annoying, aside from monopolizing Topanga's airtime.

I'm more interested in seeing the effect that No Auggie would have on Riley. She loves her little brother. There is some interesting stuff here, and I was more invested than I thought I'd be. Sean's right about Chaos Riley--annoyingly bubbly, but also a lot more confident, more willing to try new things.

And he's also right about Teacher Cory--this is much closer to what I wanted. We actually got to see Dad Cory and Teacher Cory. And it worked, for the most part. Inconsequential, but I did sort of enjoy it. Cryptid"It doesn't make any sense for Isadora to not be at Einstein, since she and Farkle aren't dating and Riley isn't her friend.

It's one of the many things in this episode that didn't make sense.

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The series centers around the life of Riley and her friends and family, particularly their school life, in which Cory is their history teacher. Riley shares a strong relationship with her best friend Maya Hart, who assists her in learning to cope with the social and personal issues of adolescence. Several Boy Meets World cast members reprise their roles in the series.

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Girl Meets World of Terror

Much like last year's Halloween episode , Girl Meets World's horror-themed sequel was a neat concept but lacked the same heart as other episodes and only occasionally delivered laughs. But unlike that episode, "Girl Meets World: Of Terror 2" didn't even have the same anthology element that made the last one as charming as it was, which ultimately left it feeling like a bust. That said, there were some fun scenes in this. For example, Cory and Topanga's asides saved the otherwise tedious trick-or-treat subplot. Auggie, "Doi" and Ava's Oz-inspired costumes were cute, but their candy-crazed antics were typical and didn't add much to the episode. Meanwhile, the claymation and animated segments seemed half-baked, like the writers wanted to do a whole episode in that style but didn't have the time nor the budget to do it. While I appreciate the show's attempts to recapture the cheesy fun of Boy Meets World's Halloween episodes, these just are aren't as clever or enjoyable as those -- at least not yet. On the bright side, there's still plenty of time to live up to the brilliant " And Then There Was Shawn.

Girl Meets World: of Terror

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My favorite part of the episode was when Lucas asked Riley if they had the most important relationship and the whole class burst into laughter.

I mean imagine Maya helping Lucas practice hitting by pitching to him, she would be his pitcher ;. Read and enjoy! Feedback is greatly appreciated :. Every day Riley hugs Beary McBearBear, smiles at her locker stickers, and skips with a bounce in her step to history class.

Girl Meets World - Season 1 Episode 11 - Girl Meets World Of Terror Full Episode

It aired on October 2, to 2. The kids face a trilogy of terror when Riley has a sleepover at Maya's with her grandmother Gammy Hart and pet ferret. Auggie confronts the monster under his bed and Farkle tackles his most terrifying fear yet: playing softball. Auggie greets the audience and prepares to tell three Halloween stories, with occasional interruptions from Topanga trying to get him to come to dinner.

He has three supposedly terrifying tales for us. Cory refuses, sending the kids on their way. Meanwhile, Riley as a steampunk lion is asking which hand her mitt goes on. Maya as a steampunk ringmaster is confused until she realizes that Riley is playing dumb to get unnecessary help from Lucas, at which point she becomes a little impressed. I thought we were past this. After Maya throws two unsuccessful pitches, Lucas pulls her out of the game—Farkle is in her head.

Girl Meets World 1x11 Girl Meets World Of Terror

Повисло молчание. Казалось, эта туша собирается что-то сказать, но не может подобрать слов. Его нижняя губа на мгновение оттопырилась, но заговорил он не. Слова, сорвавшиеся с его языка, были определенно произнесены на английском, но настолько искажены сильным немецким акцентом, что их смысл не сразу дошел до Беккера. - Проваливай и умри. Дэвид даже вздрогнул от неожиданности. - Простите. - Проваливай и умри, - повторил немец, приложив левую ладонь к жирному правому локтю, имитируя итальянский жест, символизирующий грязное ругательство.

Read Girl Meets World Of Terror Part 1 from the story Sami Hart by ashybear (Sami The Weirdo) with reads. rileymatthews, mayahart, girlmeetsworld.

ГЛАВА 32 Дэвид Беккер остановился в коридоре у номера 301. Он знал, что где-то за этой витиеватой резной дверью находится кольцо. Вопрос национальной безопасности. За дверью послышалось движение, раздались голоса.

TV Review: Girl Meets World 1×11 – “Girl Meets World of Terror”

Сьюзан с опаской посмотрела на связанного шифровальщика. Стратмор сидел на диване, небрежно положив берет-ту на колени. Вернувшись к терминалу Хейла, Сьюзан приступила к линейному поиску. Четвертая попытка тоже не дала результата.

Girl Meets World - S 1 E 11 - Girl Meets World- Of Terror

 Хочешь от меня избавиться? - надулся Хейл. - Если честно - да, - Не надо так, Сью, Ты меня оскорбляешь. Глаза Сьюзан сузились. Она терпеть не могла, когда он называл ее Сью.

Дэвид Беккер стоял в центре пустого зала и думал, что делать .

Вдруг она ощутила страшное одиночество. Стратмор увидел пятна крови на ее блузке и тотчас пожалел о своей вспышке. - Боже, Сьюзан, с тобой все в порядке. Она промолчала. Не нужно было так резко с ней говорить.

Girl Meets World: Of Terror

Они вступили в опасную зону: Хейл может быть где угодно. Вдали, за корпусом ТРАНСТЕКСТА, находилась их цель - Третий узел. Сьюзан молила Бога, чтобы Хейл по-прежнему был там, на полу, катаясь от боли, как побитая собака. Других слов для него у нее не. Стратмор оторвался от перил и переложил пистолет в правую руку. Не произнеся ни слова, он шагнул в темноту, Сьюзан изо всех сил держалась за его плечо.

How to watch Girl Meets World: Season 1: Girl Meets World: Of Terror on Netflix Costa Rica!

Волоча Сьюзан за собой, он использовал ее как живой щит. Преодолев треть ступенек, он почувствовал какое-то движение у подножия лестницы. Стратмор что-то задумал. - И не пытайтесь, коммандер, - прошипел .

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