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Guy gets electrocuted by power line

A chilling video of a man being electrocuted after touching an overhead wire of a railway track in West Bengal's Malda town is being shared online with claims that it occurred in Mumbai. The video shows a man atop an express train, that had halted on the station, trying to touch the high voltage overhead wires in an attempt to commit suicide. In the first few seconds, the victim joins his hands and touches the wires. Within seconds the man's entire body catches fire.

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Mississippi man electrocuted by downed power line, sheriff says

A chilling video of a man being electrocuted after touching an overhead wire of a railway track in West Bengal's Malda town is being shared online with claims that it occurred in Mumbai.

The video shows a man atop an express train, that had halted on the station, trying to touch the high voltage overhead wires in an attempt to commit suicide. In the first few seconds, the victim joins his hands and touches the wires. Within seconds the man's entire body catches fire. The footage is doing the rounds as an incident that happened in Western Railway's Malad station.

Man commits suicide by touching high tension electric wire over a train at halt on Malad station. An archived version the original facebook post can be seen here. The same video was earlier viral on Twitter, however it was deleted after netizens pointed out that the clip is from Malda, West Bengal. We ran a relevant keyword search and found that the video is originally of a suicide that occurred at Malda Railway Station on November The Millennium Post reported that the incident happened on November 17, when the victim climbed atop the New Delhi Farakka Express which was stationed at the Malda Town Railway platform.

An altercation broke out between Bhuniya and his wife over some family issue. During the altercation, Bhuniya suddenly climbed up the roof of New Delhi-Farakka Express which was waiting at the railway station.

Other passengers and his wife started screaming and requested Bhuniya to come down. But before any help arrived, Bhuniya reportedly touched the high voltage overhead electric wire and fire broke out immediately. A local news bulletin can be viewed here. BOOM has chosen not to include the video as it is disturbing.

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Brazil Worker Gets Electrocuted While Working On Power Lines, Man Suffers High Voltage Shock

A year-old man who survived a crash into a utility pole died after he was electrocuted when stepping out of his vehicle and onto the downed power line. Both Garnica and his girlfriend, Destiny Wallace were injured in the crash but both survived the single-car crash. However, when Garnica stepped out of the vehicle to inspect the damage he stepped directly onto the downed power line he had just knocked over and was electrocuted. Police are now investigating the cause of the crash and warning others that no matter how panicked you are after a collision with a utility pole, it is always safest to stay inside your car.

In the final moments of his life, Robert Zulauf administered CPR to his nephew and ordered bystanders to move away from the deadly power line that arced and bowed just a few feet from a Circle K parking lot. Flames danced around Jordan Zulauf as thick black smoke billowed and his uncle worked to save him. Above the men, a Commonwealth Edison line crackled and hummed so loudly it could be heard over both an approaching police siren and the screams of horrified onlookers.

FHP says on Friday morning, a dump truck finished delivering a load of dirt to the home of year-old Larry Brock. After the bed of the dump truck was raised to deliver the dirt, the driver of the vehicle pulled forward to ensure all of the dirt had been off-loaded. Troopers say, as a result of pulling forward with the bed up, the bed became entangled with a power line that ran overhead. Authorities say as the bed was being lowered, it caused the power line to break and fall, landing on Brock, who was standing close by. Officials say Brock died to due his injuries after being struck by the live power line and was pronounced dead at the scene by Jackson County Fire Rescue personal.

Florida man electrocuted while using pole to get pigeon off power line

Tension gripped residents of Hongasandra in Bommanahalli near Electronics City after a drunk man climbed a building, caught a live electrical wire to end his life on Friday evening. He died of. He died of electrocution and locals started recording the incident for a few minutes instead of preventing it. The deceased has been identified as Raju T, a native of Tamil Nadu. He was residing at Balaji Layout along with his wife and two children. A senior police officer said that the incident took place around 2. He came down near the electrical wire and held it. The residents started shouting at him but he did not listen to them.

2 contractors electrocuted while working on New York power lines

Есть шанс, что его партнер пока ничего не знает. Испанские власти обещали придержать информацию - столько, сколько смогут. Мы узнали об этом лишь благодаря оперативности КОМИНТа.  - Стратмор внимательно посмотрел не.  - Я должен найти его партнера, прежде чем он узнает о смерти Танкадо.

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Chilling Video Of A Man Electrocuted Atop A Train Is Not From Mumbai

Очевидно, Анонимная рассылка Америки не слишком торопится пересылать почту Северной Дакоты. Сьюзан тяжело вздохнула. Несмотря на все попытки забыть утренний разговор с Дэвидом, он никак не выходил у нее из головы.

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Man electrocuted by power lines in Ngatira, south Waikato

 Искусственное дыхание делали санитары. - Понятия не имею. Я уже говорила, что мы ушли до их прибытия. - Вы хотите сказать - после того как стащили кольцо. - Мы его не украли, - искренне удивилась Росио.  - Человек умирал, и у него было одно желание.

May 7, - A Marianna man has died after being electrocuted by a power line that was snapped by the bed of a dump truck on Friday, the Florida Highway.

Немедленно. Соши побежала к своему терминалу. Джабба нередко прибегал к ВР, что в компьютерных кругах означало виртуальная реальность, но в АНБ это сокращение имело несколько иной смысл - визуальная репрезентация. В мире технических служащих и политиков, имеющих чрезвычайно разные уровни понимания, визуальная репрезентация нередко была единственным способом что-либо доказать: взмывающая вверх кривая производит куда более сильное впечатление, чем целые тома рассуждений.

Man electrocuted after dump truck snaps power line

Панк сплюнул в проход, явно раздраженный невежеством собеседника. - Табу Иуда. Самый великий панк со времен Злого Сида. Ровно год назад он разбил здесь себе голову.

Акт безжалостного уничтожения. Бесчувственная демонстрация силы страной, уже добившейся победы. С этим Танкадо сумел примириться.

Беккер разглядывал зал. Один гудок… два… три… Внезапно он увидел нечто, заставившее его бросить трубку.

 - Чего мы медлим. - Сэр, - удивленно произнесла Сьюзан, - просто это очень… - Да, да, - поддержал ее Джабба.  - Это очень странно. В ключах никогда не бывает пробелов. Бринкерхофф громко сглотнул.

Наконец она остановилась, и дверь открылась. Покашливая, Сьюзан неуверенно шагнула в темный коридор с цементными стенами. Она оказалась в тоннеле, очень узком, с низким потолком. Перед ней, исчезая где-то в темноте, убегали вдаль две желтые линии. Подземная шоссейная дорога… Сьюзан медленно шла по этому туннелю, то и дело хватаясь за стены, чтобы сохранить равновесие.

Если все сложится нормально, она скоро выяснит местонахождение Северной Дакоты, и Стратмор конфискует ключ. Тогда дело будет только за Дэвидом. Когда он найдет копию ключа, имевшуюся у Танкадо, оба экземпляра будут уничтожены, а маленькая бомба с часовым механизмом, заложенная Танкадо, - обезврежена и превратится во взрывное устройство без детонатора. Сьюзан еще раз прочитала адрес на клочке бумаги и ввела информацию в соответствующее поле, посмеялась про себя, вспомнив о трудностях, с которыми столкнулся Стратмор, пытаясь самолично запустить Следопыта.

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