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How do delete a friend from facebook

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Jump to navigation. This question is something that often seems to be talked about among friends. Most of my own friends think that there is nothing wrong with it, but others — including my mother — think deleting Facebook friends should be a capital offence. I think the first real issue is whether or not our Facebook friends are our friends in real-life too. I know that many of mine are not: I never accept strangers onto my Facebook profile — or any other social network, for that matter.

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We all have weird friends on Facebook. While some regularly post obnoxious stuff, others don't use Facebook at all. Even worse, some keep bombarding you with game invites. At some point, we want to unfriend these strange characters. While unfriending a person is easy, what if the person has deactivated their account, how do you unfriend them? Well, a way exists that lets you remove the deactivated profiles. Deactivating a Facebook profile disables it for a temporary period.

That is, the deactivated profile, their photos, and other things on Facebook are hidden from other users. Facebook doesn't delete their data which includes photos, posts, friends, videos, etc. All that data reappears whenever the same profile is reactivated. To remove the deactivated profiles from your Facebook account, first, you will need to visit the Friends section.

Then find and identify the ghost profiles that you want to remove followed by unfriending them. Visiting the Friends section is important because you cannot view the profile otherwise through the Facebook search. Open the Facebook website and go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture icon present in the top bar. Then click on the Friends tab present below your cover photo. On the home page of the Facebook website, click on the Friend lists option present in the left sidebar under Explore.

On the next screen, click on the See All Friends option at the top. Open this link , and it will take you to the Friends section directly. Deactivated profiles cannot be accessed through search , as mentioned earlier. So under Friends, you will have to look for certain clues. For starters, deactivated profiles do not have a profile picture. Instead, they have the default Facebook silhouette. However, not every profile with a silhouette picture indicates that it has been deactivated.

Some people may have removed their profile picture. Another way to identify deactivated profiles is to look for the total number of mutual friends next to their name.

Lastly, the easiest way to know is to click on the profile with the default Facebook image. If the profile is available, you will be taken to it. However, if it has been deactivated, you will get the pop-up saying that the account has been deactivated. In the first case, where you know who you want to unfriend — let's say your ex, use the search box.

To find all or multiple deactivated profiles at once, you will have to repeat the above method. That is, you will have to type A-Z alphabets in the search query one by one and look for deactivated profiles.

You can also scroll through your friends list to find such profiles. Sadly, there is no dedicated or a simple way to achieve it. Lastly, once you have found the deactivated profile, hit the Friends drop-down option available next to their name and select Unfriend from the menu. Alternatively, click on their name under Friends and you will be offered a pop-up. Click Unfriend. Nothing exceptional. Just as you remove any other friend, the deactivated profile will be deleted from your list.

If you want to do all of that, then you will have to add them again. Also, how is their silent presence inside the Friends section bothering you? So unless those ghost profiles really get on your nerves, the answer is no. So that's how you can remove those ghost profiles from your account.

But if you decide on keeping them on your friends list, there are alternative ways to stop interacting with such profiles.

For instance, you can hide or unfollow them or put them in a restricted list. Fortunately, since none of the features unfriends you or notifies them, you can live a happy life without deleting them. Next up: Do you want to block someone on Facebook but don't know its repercussions? Read the post to know what happens after blocking and unblocking someone on Facebook.

Remove Friends On Facebook

Updated: August 1, Reader-Approved References. Everyone has a few friends on Facebook that they're socially obligated to put up with, even though they don't like seeing that person's posts cluttering their News Feed on a daily basis. Thankfully, Facebook allows you to gently kick these cyber-friends to the cyber-curb by unfollowing their profiles or adding them to your profile's "Acquaintances" list.

Facebook makes it extremely easy to keep in touch with family and friends, while maintaining those relationships with little to no face-to-face contact. It's the perfect tool for recluses. But, while having 1, Facebook friends may be "cool" to some, it's pretty unlikely that all of those people are really "friends.

Scanning and re-scanning your friends list will only get you so far. When you block someone, they lose the ability to start a Facebook chat with you. They may have instead left Facebook completely. By scrolling back through your old messages, you may stumble across greyed-out profile pictures labelled Facebook User. These belong to people who used to be Facebook friends with you, but are no longer members of the social network.

Know which friends are active and inactive!

Yes, while it was fun at first to be really nosy, looking at their holiday snaps and seeing what they were up to, their constant posts about what a wonderful life they have makes you feel as if your life is inadequate. They often have controversial views that just result in a long timeline of people bickering with one another. They air their dirty laundry all over their Facebook page, with no privacy spared — and they sometimes even go as far as arguing with their partners in a public message. This person stays pretty private, but in the most over-the-top and public way possible. What person? Tell me now! Wave goodbye and remove them from your life. We all hate those annoying invites to play things like Candy Crush, but they can be pretty addictive. Okay, we get it: you love your children, and the odd photo is cute, but please stop bombarding my timeline with your perfect family! That way, your Facebook becomes a place where you can keep in touch with those you really want to hear about.

How to Remove Facebook Friends in Mass or Bulk

We all have weird friends on Facebook. While some regularly post obnoxious stuff, others don't use Facebook at all. Even worse, some keep bombarding you with game invites. At some point, we want to unfriend these strange characters.

After news of the Facebook data scandal , it's probably a good idea for all of us to do a Facebook audit and see who our friends are.

The FriendFilter extension will scan your Facebook page through your browser and report on who is engaging with your page and who is not. Using FriendFilter Pro, you will be able to find the friends who are engaging with your posts, and remove the friends who are not engaging. We created FriendFilter because other apps just find the inactive profiles… and the other apps were too difficult to manage.

How to unfriend and unfollow people on Facebook

Updated: November 26, Tech Tested. This wikiHow teaches you how to unfriend multiple people at once on Facebook. While you can't do this from within Facebook's settings, you can use a Google Chrome extension to select multiple people for deletion.

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There are a lot of good reasons to cut ties in some form with Facebook friends. Maybe your sister-in-law just won't stop posting pictures of her dog or your cousin is cluttering up your feed with political screeds. Or maybe you just went through a breakup and you'd like to not see photos of your ex back out on the dating scene. And in many cases, a quick look through your list of "friends" will reveal dozens of people you hardly know at all and really don't need to stay in touch with. Whatever reasons you have for wanting to unfriend, unfollow, or block a Facebook friend are your business; fortunately, the actual unfriending process is a lot simpler than the complex weavings of the interpersonal issues behind your motivation to do so. A word of warning: it's almost too easy to unfriend someone on Facebook, and while they won't know you did it until they check their list of friends , if you want to re-establish the connection, they'll realize you unfriended them when they get a new Add Friend request.

Is it acceptable to delete friends from Facebook?

Remember Me? Advanced Search. How do we delete friends that are connected to my game thru fb but don't play? Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: How do we delete friends that are connected to my game thru fb but don't play?

Nov 26, - Select friends to remove. Click each friend you'd like to remove in the window on the left side of the page. Each person you click will be selected.

Facebook has become so commonplace that virtually everyone you encounter has a profile. How many times have you met someone and spent a brief time chatting, only to find yourself Facebook friends the following day. All of this "over-friending" can lead to a jam-packed friends list full of people you barely know, making it difficult to find your actual friends. Facebook recommends "unfriending" by going to a person's profile, but you can mass remove friends by using the Edit Friends menu.

9 ‘friends’ you should delete from Facebook

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Who unfriended me on Facebook? How to tell who has deleted you as a friend

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How to Delete Deac­ti­vat­ed Friends from Facebook

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