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How do you get a husband in virtual families 2

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How to get a husband fast on virtual families 2. So ask your Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House question for iPhone — iPad and get answers from other gamers or answer questions and share your insights and experience with the rest of the gaming community. If it is on an iPod touch here are the steps: 1. Go to virtual families open then close it 2.

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How do I get my couple to divorce?

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Game Forums Home. Virtual Families Marriage Proposals?? I have 2 families set up and havent gotten 1 proposal on either of them? What do u do then? If i dont get married i cant have kids and that ends my game Anyone please help? Re:Virtual Families Marriage Proposals?? This is unusual! I've always gotten my first proposal almost right away. Try rebooting and see if that helps. I know that helped me one time when it was a long time between proposals.

That is weird. Wish I knew what to tell you. Did you ever have any luck with this problem? I have a 32 year old who has NOT received a single proposal. Her computer screens are black, but the router says she's online. She is second generation and has a lot of stuff to forward to the next family. Any help here? Have you put the peep on the computer to see if it says fixing computers. If the computers are working it should say browsing the web. If that's the peep workplace it will say working on career.

I've never had this happen and I've been playing 5 families for over a year. Try that and let us know. If that doesn't work try using a bottle of perfume on the peep to attact someone. That's all I can think of for now. Maranda Sea Anemone 1 Posts. The same thing has happened to me I got a person starting when she was 24 years old she received one marriage proposal which I refused to wait for another and she has never gotten another one She's 50 now It's weird with my last family I got marriage proposals all the time.

Daisygirl Sea Anemone 1 Posts. Help my person hasn't gotten a proposal and its This for VF2. Do you have enough money to buy an adoption? It's expensive, but it looks like you have no alternative at this point. My person has not gotten a single proposal and she is She's in the 2nd generation and she adopted a toddler that ended up in her door. I already tried the perfume and nothing happened. Im wondering, I had to reject 7 Marrige purpsoals. When does that thing happen where a baby is at your door.

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Surprisinly I don't know. It happens at random. A special event screen will come up asking you to adopt the kid or not, but if you don't get the event if you have dollars you can pay to adopt one.

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Drag your person to their work area kitchen, office, or workshop. Take the praising glove and use it on them 3 times. They should say Running Away or Stop Nagging. MykieJ , views.

How to get a husband fast on virtual families 2

When you start either a new family, or a new generation, you can expect to get a marriage proposal within the first real-time 15 minutes since your peep entered the house. Often it's much quicker than that. If you reject that proposal, another one will come in about 45 minutes. If that one is also rejected, you can expect to see a new proposal every 24 hours. See this article for spoilers on how to fix these common household problems. Sometimes it will take an additional minute for other family members to realize that the problem has been fixed. If it bothers you, you can always pick them up and drop them after the repair is complete to "snap" them out of it. This happens when your little person doesn't like jumping. Just pick them up and put them back on task after praising them.


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Imagine stumbling upon an empty, delapidated home in the woods and finding many people who need a home.

Game Forums Home. Virtual Families Marriage Proposals?? I have 2 families set up and havent gotten 1 proposal on either of them?

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Answer from: Seagirl Your computer will send emails to you one of those options is to select a husband. If you like the one that comes up select it otherwise hit reject. Answer from: Lotus Once the game has started, a little after you pick your person this will happen with every generation a small yellow square-like thing will pop up in the corner and make a dinging sound. Drag a family member Notice if they are carrying something they will drop it to the computer for them to read the email. A screen will come up and say information about the person and you can choose to accept or deny. Hope this helps!

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Virtual Families 2: Our Dream House for iPhone iPod cheats - Cheating Dome Once you hes one this make sure to get married with someone and have a baby.

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