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I have no routine in my life

How to be organised in business and in life, by one of Australia's leading entrepreneurs and founder of The Remarkables Group. Is your life chaotic? Are you hungry for advice on how to live calmly, happily and productively? The cornerstone of success at work and at home is being organised and, with Lorraine's help, you can achieve this by forming excellent habits - in a way that's easy and fun, not stressful. This book is an inspiring look at the organisational lessons Lorraine has learned during her entrepreneurship journey - through study, trial and error; the strategies she has developed and the habits she religiously follows.

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How to Craft Your Very Own Daily Morning Routine

The morning routine: performing a daily ritual of half an hour to an hour to become hyper-productive in life, day in and day out. It might seem too good to be true.

Then you leave a lot of potential out in the field. Putting your alarm clock a little bit earlier and creating a clear structure in your morning has so many advantages that you can no longer ignore the implementation of a decent morning routine in your life. The morning is often rather chaotic for many people. You snooze too much, get out of bed too late and then the real rush begins: taking a shower, brush your teeth, get the kids ready for school, have a quick breakfast or maybe go through your mails and finally getting into the car to encounter yet again, the daily blissful traffic.

The morning raids you as it were. With a morning routine you take more control of your morning, bringing a clear structure to your life. You decide what your morning looks like and set the pace. You are no longer unnecessarily rushed by unforeseen circumstances, which means that you no longer arrive at work stressed before you even started your day.

You will see that you experience less stress as you start the days with more energy and a more positive mindset in general. You can almost pour it into a mathematical formula. Besides the fact that you get up earlier and thus have more time at your disposal, you will be amazed at how much more productive you become now that you go through life stress-free and with more daily structure.

Not everyone has the courage or willpower to get up early and go through a whole routine before most people even wake up. If you do, you have an immense advantage over others. Which brings us to the next point…. Do you want to achieve your goals in life? Then a consistent morning routine is the fastest shortcut to success! All those days you start controlled, start compounding and the difference gets so big over time that you simply get more done and achieved than most people.

The extra time and productivity you gain through your new lifestyle helps you achieve goals you never thought possible. All the time that has been freed up here, you can now invest in your hobbies or personal interests while spending more time with friends and family.

This in turn contributes to your productivity and personal development which just makes you a happier person. Consistently going to sleep and getting up at the same time has a positive impact on the quality of your sleep.

With a better sleeping pattern you will get through the day being sharper and more alert while experiencing more peace of mind. Being healthier is the result of just a little bit of extra planning. Set your alarm clock a little earlier and suddenly you have time to exercise in the morning and having a good breakfast. A habit that will quickly and permanently benefit you. With your morning routine, you set an example for others and motivate them to copy your lifestyle and take advantage of it.

This undoubtedly gives your own motivation and self-confidence a boost, which is also good for your self-image! After all, increased stress levels have a major impact on your physical health and increase your risk of cardiovascular disease.

Define your objective in advance. What do you want or what do you hope to achieve? Some examples:. Depending on your objective, you can adjust your morning routine accordingly. Always keep your goals in mind and use this as motivation to start every day.

Learning habits is easier than you think. This is how you learn new habits: by combining a cue, a routine and a reward, and on this basis develop a desire that drives the loop. What is a cue, a routine and a reward do you ask …? A cue can be a certain sound, a certain smell or a certain place or action that evokes a certain action or thought and triggers your body to perform a certain routine.

A routine is a certain behavior, action or ritual that becomes a habit by performing it repeatedly and consistently. A reward is a satisfying feeling that your body gets every time you perform a certain action.

You should do this more often! Going for a run is a nice practical example of the Habit Loop. You want to go jogging so you put on your running shoes: this is your cue. The act of putting on your running shoes triggers your body to perform a routine running. When you put on your running shoes, your body triggers this feeling and you really want to run. After a while you will continue to crave your reward and this almost becomes an addiction as it were.

And there you have it: you have taught yourself a new habit! Go you! The most successful people start their day early and finish important things while the rest of the world is still snoring.

Try to get up at 7am or earlier every day and be consistent. Remember: you snooze, you loose! At your first alarm clock, try to get your body moving and force yourself to get up. Water is essential for your body to function properly. This is not an ideal situation for your body to perform optimally. Tip: put a large glass of water ready on your bedside table. Drink it as soon as possible after you get up to get your body back on track and hydrate it. Focus on your thoughts and on your body while taking a break from all the other stimuli in your environment.

Taking 5 to 10 minutes to become more relaxed, to stretch and ground your body will already give your day a strong energy boost. The written word is still the source of all knowledge. Reading is therefore the means par excellence to further develop yourself and broaden your view. Moreover, in the early hours your brain is more active and alert. An ideal moment to deepen yourself in things that really interest you, before you brave the stress of a hectic working day.

Writing down our thoughts is, and remains, a very powerful means to gain insights on the one hand and to impose some obligations on yourself on the other hand. Start your day by writing down a few things you are grateful for or believe in. By doing this systematically you can coach yourself towards a more positive thought pattern. Why be moody when you can shake your booty? Raise your heart rate and move your body! Dance, go for a walk or run, go to the gym or do some yoga.

Whatever floats your boat. It is important that you move sufficiently and consistently! This can be a 5 to 10 minute workout or a full blown workout of one hour!

Food is where our body and mind get the energy to survive and function. So a healthy breakfast is the key to a productive day and should definitely get a place in every morning routine. Go for a healthy breakfast that is rich in protein and nutrients. In fact, a good morning routine starts the night before when you set your alarm clock.

How you structure your evening has a big impact on how you feel in the morning. By going through a few simple steps before you go to sleep, you have a way bigger chance to feel refreshed and ready as soon as your alarm goes off. Save yourself the choice stress in the morning. Choose your outfit for the next day and get it ready. Immediate hydration in the morning is important.

Just put a glass of water on your bedside table so that you can drink this first thing in the morning. An extensive and healthy breakfast sometimes takes time. Choose what you want to eat the night before. Put all the necessary ingredients and bowls etc. Saves a lot of time in the morning. If you still hate it, have a Goodmorning! You want to follow your favorite yoga instruction video on YouTube in the morning or listen to your favorite Spotify playlist while running.

Put your phone ready and set the right video or playlist. Laptop and mobile phone screens emit so-called blue light. Blue light sends a signal to your brain and creates the illusion that it is still daytime.

This will make it difficult for you to fall asleep and the quality of your sleep will also deteriorate. Tip: a book is a great alternative and even helps you fall asleep at night! This goes without saying but if you want to get up early in the morning and perform well, make sure you get enough sleep at night. Some people need half an hour to an hour to fall asleep.

Keep this in mind. Do you want h sleep? Then calculate around what time you should sleep and crawl into bed half an hour earlier. Instagram Facebook.

The secret benefit of routines. It won’t surprise you.

I always maintain my routine of feeding the cats and making coffee, but I might have to skip my morning Highlight so I can leave earlier than normal. On those days I require a longer lunch or an extra break in the forest to relax and reset. I go with the flow as best I can, knowing that if I am far from the ideal routine that I will get back towards it as soon as possible in a day or two. As long as I get the sleep and rest I need I can normally still function okay.

Habits are powerful, but they're not easy to form—particularly good habits. Creating a schedule for your daily tasks and activities that you're able to stick to will help you to form good habits and break bad ones for a more productive, happier life.

Dec 15, LIFE. I hate routine. For the past seven months, my life has been full of routines. I swear to all the fish in the oceans, it has never been this bad. Every day, I wake up despising it and thinking about running my head into a wall after I finish writing this post.

Your inability to form a routine is a warning sign that something deeper is wrong

Your routine could be traveling to a different country every month. It could be being routinely un-routine. The point is not what the routine consists of, but how steady and safe your subconscious mind is made through repetitive motions and expected outcomes. Most things that bring genuine happiness are not just temporary, immediate gratifications, and those things also come with resistance and require sacrifice. These, and all the other reasons why routine is so important and happy people tend to follow them more. It would make sense to assume that moods are created from thoughts or stressors, things that crop up during the day and knock us off-kilter. Psychologist Robert Thayer argues that moods are created by our habitualness: how much we sleep, how frequently we move, what we think, how often we think it, and so on. An untamed mind is a minefield.

5 Steps to Create a Personalized Daily Routine

Rising before the crack of dawn to power through an early morning workout, way before most people even get started for the day. After he hits the gym, he does a few other things before strolling into his office at Echelon Front to officially start his work day. His morning routine plays a key role in setting his day up for success. And judging by his track record, it works damn well for him.

Ugh, right? But not so fast.

Last night, I had a conversation about morning routines with the amazing, awesome Margaret Quigley. Many people in tech have set up a morning routine, and there are many blog posts about it, so it's considered normal in our field. But when your day has no real purpose, or when you're working from home, setting up a morning routine can be a life saving habit. Some of them had been looking for employment for years, and slowly fell into personal decay.

The Psychology Of Daily Routine

This morning I was out running along the sea front at 6am, this is something I have begun doing again on Tuesday, Thursdays and Sundays as part of my ongoing fitness plan. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I lift weights. With both I follow a very specific training schedule and know what to do when I am in the gym or out on a run.

All of us are aware that kids need a routine to provide structure and discipline in their lives. When we were younger, most of us were told to go to bed at a certain time, wake up at a certain time, do our homework after school, eat dinner at a regular hour, shower, even play with our friends at a specific time. But what about adults? They have no idea what they are going to do when they wake up each morning because they have not thought about creating a schedule to adhere to. As a result, many people feel like they are stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and falling short of their goals and true potential.

A complete guide to not having a daily routine

There might be affiliate links on this page, which means we get a small commission of anything you buy. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Please do your own research before making any online purchase. Last Updated on March 27, Your struggle is a common one—and something you can overcome it if you understand the psychology behind daily routines.

There is no room for forgetfulness or neglect. Because the most important tasks have been predetermined by us, as long as we follow our routine, we know that we.

Researchers at the University of Nottingham recently published findings from their exploration of 83 separate studies on energy and self-control. What they found will change the way you start your day. The researchers found that self-control and energy are not only intricately linked but also finite, daily resources that tire much like a muscle. As self-control wears out, we feel tired and find tasks to be more difficult and our mood sours.

This question originally appeared on Quora : How did you overcome your work routine? Answer by Michael Kilcoyne. Rinse, repeat.

The morning routine: performing a daily ritual of half an hour to an hour to become hyper-productive in life, day in and day out. It might seem too good to be true. Then you leave a lot of potential out in the field. Putting your alarm clock a little bit earlier and creating a clear structure in your morning has so many advantages that you can no longer ignore the implementation of a decent morning routine in your life.

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