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The television and radio license fee has been in effect since 1 January This fee covers all types of use, including listening to the radio in your car. The fee is paid once every three months. The fee is owed by the tenant of every apartment.


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The television and radio license fee has been in effect since 1 January This fee covers all types of use, including listening to the radio in your car. The fee is paid once every three months. The fee is owed by the tenant of every apartment.

A tenant is any adult person living in the apartment, nationality plays no role. To avoid problems of definition, each rent-paying adult person as well as all registered to the apartment are considered tenants. If there are several tenants — as is the case in shared apartments German: WGs — they are considered jointly liable to pay the fee.

This means that each and every tenant can be charged to pay the fee in full; it is then the responsibility of the shared tenants to compensate one another. This also means: The more tenants in a shared apartment liable to contribution there are, the smaller the partial sum that each individual must pay.

In terms of the TV and radio license fee, an apartment is any structurally enclosed living unit that is suitable. It depends on the situation: Single room apartments are considered apartments if they branch off a communally accessible hall regardless of whether they have an own bathroom or kitchen.

Living groups or shared apartments or double apartments are generally considered one apartment. The Hamburg Administrative Court has confirmed this interpretation in an initial decision that is however not yet legally binding.

When all is said and done, it may come down to an individual decision. A tip: It is worth trying to register each floor as just one apartment. Rule of thumb: If living spaces in a student hall are designed in such a way that they resemble a private apartment or living space, each will be required to pay the fee in full! The exemption also extends to spouses and registered partners; in the case of unmarried, cohabiting couples where one partner is exempted, the other partner will still be required to pay the fee.

In rare cases of hardship, exemption status can also be applied for. You will need to file a written form. There is an online form available at www. No, the fee is paid per apartment and not per person. If you have more than one apartment, as a general rule you will be required to pay multiple fees. There is no general exemption from payment for foreign students, this includes scholarship students or students in exchange programs such as Erasmus. There is no opportunity for students from non-EU states to be excluded from the TV and radio license fee.

Since exemption is based on social need in analogy to German statehood, students from non-EU states are automatically exempted as they are required to bring forward proof of finance for their residence permit. But students from EU states can be exempted from the TV and radio license fee if they receive state study grants in their home country due to financial need. Since this means of exemption for EU students is not explicitly provided for by the German Interstate Broadcasting Agreement, exemption in such cases must be filed for as a hardship case.

You must first file for recognition of hardship at the Beitragsservice www. Then you must bring forward proof of receipt of a state study grant in your home country. EU students must have this form certified by the appropriate public office in their home country that they are receiving a study grant due to financial need.

Residents of shared apartments who are liable to contribute are so-called joint debtors or co-debtors. This means that the fee must be paid once in full — and that payment can be required from any tenant. So if you pull the short stick and are required to pay, you can demand compensation from your fellow residents but in some cases this may require running after the money or perhaps not ever receiving it.

In this example, the three other persons in the apartment are liable to contribute. One of these three will be required to pay the fee in full.

All persons liable to contribute must be registered to the Beitragsservice. The public registry office transmits the data of all adult persons to the responsible regional broadcaster. This data includes name, date of birth, marital status, current and previous address as well as the date of moving-in. In addition, each tenant has the obligation to register to the responsible regional broadcaster. By the way: Landlords may also be demanded to submit information about tenants.

This is only the case where no other opportunity exists to determine who lives in which apartment, which should be a very rare case indeed. Each tenant has to register independently and to make notice of any changes; this may be done online at www. Exception: This does not apply to shared apartments where another resident is already registered and paying the fee.

It is now quite difficult to get around paying the fee. In the past, it was easy to get around the fee because the GEZ had to prove that chargeable devices where present.

Now you have to prove that you would not even have the possibility of receiving any broadcasting — and as this is nearly impossible, the only way of not paying the fee is exemption status. Intentional or negligent non-payment is considered an infraction and is punishable by fine. They never were allowed and they still are not. Access to apartments is no longer even necessary since the fee is collected regardless of the presence of one or more devices.

We support students at 6 different locations in Saxony. If you specify your location here, we will show you relevant content for this location at first position throughout our website:. Current status as of January The television and radio license fee has been in effect since 1 January By the way: Not all tenants must have their own rental contract. What is an "apartment"? In terms of the TV and radio license fee, an apartment is any structurally enclosed living unit that is suitable for living or sleeping or is thus used ergo there need not be a bathroom or kitchen and can be separately accessed via an own entrance from a stairwell, an entrance hall or from outdoors — not through another living space.

Do rooms in student halls count as "apartments"? Please note: Each shared apartment must have at least one adult person registered to the apartment who pays the fee. The shared apartment itself can decide who that will be. All other residents who may be registered can and should! An entire shared apartment can also be exempted when all residents fulfill the requirements for exemption e.

In this case, it does not matter who registers the apartment and applies for exemption status. If only some residents fulfill the requirements for exemption, only the others must pay; once again, all are equally liable for contribution.

So if you are the only person who does not fulfill the requirements for exemption, too bad — you have to register and play the fee in full alone. Can you be exempted from paying the fee? How can I be exempted from paying the fee? Can you be exempted from the fee if your place of residence is just your secondary residence? Are foreign students exempt from payment? Can shared apartments decide themselves who should pay the fee? But if no one volunteers, the Beitragsservice will pick one out.

Can the landlord — here: Studentenwerk Dresden — assume payment of the fee and receive compensation via the rent or operating expenses?

Tenancy law alone would not allow this arrangement. How do broadcasting companies and the Beitragsservice acquire tenant data? Which legal obligation to provide information do I have? Can employees of the Beitragsservice or broadcasting companies demand access to my apartment? Where can I get more information? Previous Question Back to overall view Next Question.

If you specify your location here, we will show you relevant content for this location at first position throughout our website: Location Dresden At our headquarters in Dresden, we provide support for students from a total of seven universities. Rothenburg In Rothenburg O. Nearest Location.

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Islamische Gemeinden in Deutschland brauchen staatliche Finanzhilfen. Freier Eintritt: Besuchstag in der Sehitlik-Moschee am 3. Bild: dpa.

Wer kann sich bewerben? Wie kann ich mich bewerben?

Started by Editor Bob , 20 May Posted 20 May Click the " Follow this " button top right to receive updates via email. The fee is not dependent on actual TV or radio usage. Rather, every household must pay one flat fee, even if they don't own a TV or radio.

Refusing to pay TV license fees (Rundfunkbeitrag)

Hanno's blog Entries tagged as datenschutz. Monday, December Ich habe mich also folgerichtig an den Berliner Datenschutzbeauftragten gewandt. Vor wenigen Tagen erhielt ich nun einen dreiseitigen Brief mit dem - doch recht erfreulichen - Ergebnis. Friday, September 9. Sunday, December The old primary key was a bit DSA key, which had two drawbacks: 1. It's impossible to set the used hash algorithm to anything beyond SHA My new key has bits key size bit is the default of GnuPG since 2. I had to make a couple of decisions for my name in the key: 1.

Praktische Informationen für internationale Studierende

Mehr Informationen und Kontaktdaten erhalten Sie hier. Die Beleuchtung vom Treppenhaus ist farbig gestaltet. Deine Anfragen nehmen wir gern, auch per Mail unter wohnen stw. Bieten Sie hier Ihren Wohnraum an. Die Studierenden werden es Ihnen danken.

Aus diesem Grund empfehlen wir Ihnen dringend, eines der von uns vermittelten Zimmer in Betracht zu ziehen. Es ist sehr beliebt bei den Studierenden, sich eine Wohnung mit anderen Studierenden zu teilen.

Die Mail-Adresse habe ich gefunden aber mein Englisch ist nicht das beste. Ich will Netflix auch nicht in den Himmel heben aber es geht um das Prinzip. Und ob er rangeht an sein Mailaccount?

Deine Anfragen nehmen wir gern, auch per Mail unter wohnen stw. Bieten Sie hier Ihren Wohnraum an. Die Studierenden werden es Ihnen danken.

Everything you need. Check-in is great. Simply ideal for sleeping at night when you are out all day. The property is located in a family home in a suburb of Wolfsburg in the immediate vicinity of the VW plant. You live there in a shared apartment with a lot of totally nice people who immediately involve you.

Die Vergabekriterien sind sehr unterschiedlich, ausschlaggebend ist jedoch die fachliche Qualifikation, nicht die soziale Lage des Bewerbers. Fast immer wird eine Kaution von i. Die Forderung einer Provision vonseiten der Vermieter ist seit dem 1. Das Mietrecht in Deutschland ist sehr mieterfreundlich. Informationen zu den verschiedenen Wohnheimen finden Sie unter Wohnen und Leben in Karlsruhe sowie auf der Seite des Studierendenwerks.

Rundfunkbeitrag - Muss ich im Wohnheim den gesetzlichen Rundfunkbeitrag zahlen? Zweitwohnsteuer - Muss ich in Berlin eine Zweitwohnsteuer bezahlen?

Read more The rent comprises of a monthly basic rent and flat charge for utilities i. This flat charge varies according to how much has actually been used the year before. The amount shown in the table is the complete rent.

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Год назад высокопоставленный сотрудник аппарата Белого дома начал получать электронные письма с угрозами, отправляемые с некоего анонимного адреса. АНБ поручили разыскать отправителя. Хотя агентство имело возможность потребовать от переадресующей компании открыть ему имя этого клиента, оно решило прибегнуть к более изощренному методу - следящему устройству. Фактически Сьюзан создала программу-маяк направленного действия, замаскированный под элемент электронной почты. Она отправляла его на фиктивный адрес этого клиента, и переадресующая компания, выполняя свои договорные обязательства, пересылала этот маяк на подлинный адрес. Попав по назначению, программа фиксировала свое местонахождение в Интернете и передавала его в АНБ, после чего бесследно уничтожала маяк.

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