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My husband wont look for a better job

Recently, my colleagues had a discussion about a trend in couples that we have observed where one partner refuses to get a job to support the household or have a stable employment. Here are some reasons why people choose to stay with a partner who refuses to work. Even though you may start to feel a lot of hurt, anger, and resentment towards your partner, ultimately you stay in the relationship because you are getting something out of it. You have to be honest with yourself and explore what that is.

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Turns Out That the Husband’s Job Is Probably the Best Predictor of Divorce

We have a two-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter. When my daughter was born, my husband and I decided that he would quit his job, which he hated, and I would support the family, while he went back to school to earn his B.

His dad was an alcoholic, so he thinks he is too. He was tested on this and the results were negative. He thinks he has Attention Deficit Disorder. He has gone to counseling for this, and results were negative again. He also says he does a better job at home with the kids than I do.

Both children can sense the tension among us. My daughter has issues with me not being at home for her. I discussed divorce with my husband, but he only got very angry with me. I never wanted to consider divorce, because I came from a divorced family; my children have everything I ever wanted growing up. He is a very insecure person but very loving to our children.

We were once a very close couple. Any advice? I understand your frustration. Ironically, you would likely be the one paying him spousal support, according to the divorce law. Another issue that may be equally important to you is how you and your husband would parent your children if you separated.

A skilled family-law attorney may be able to help you find psychological assistance to help you navigate the complex emotional issues that your family will face in the event of separation or divorce. Keep up the good work. All rights reserved.

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15 ways your job is destroying your marriage

Dad does yardwork and housework, ferries the four kids — and still makes his spouse laugh, so what is bothering her? He left his last job without informing me to be an entrepreneur. I, however, finished a degree, have maintained upward mobility, and now have full- and part-time jobs, both of which I enjoy. We are barely breaking even. We have four children.

Maybe you're a workaholic and spend 80 hours a week at the office. Perhaps you come home every night wanting to complain about your micromanaging boss or annoying coworkers.

Professionally ambitious women really have only two options when it comes to their personal partners: a super-supportive partner or no partner at all. Anything in between ends up being a morale- and career-sapping morass. The husbands are often blindsided and heartbroken. Their stories were typical of research I have been conducting on dual-career couples. One had just been given a huge promotion opportunity in another country, but had struggled for several months to get her spouse to agree to join her.

If You Can’t Find a Spouse Who Supports Your Career, Stay Single

In reality, about a third do, down from the divorce surge of the s and s, though second and third marriages are much more vulnerable. Recent marriages are doing particularly well thus far: Just 15 percent of the Americans who tied the knot since have decided to get it undone within the first eight years of marriage. The predictors of divorce, however, remain mysterious. But in a new study published in the American Sociological Review , Harvard sociologist Alexandra Achen Killewald has found that the things that increase the probability of divorce — as they relate to work, at least — have changed over the past couple decades. The data set is enviably large. She tracked 6, married couples between and , 1, of whom divorced or permanently separated during that time. In the early cohort, wives who did 50 percent of the housework had a 1. If he was employed full-time, there was a 2. The results contradict a couple of the leading explanations for why people divorce and why so many people broke up in the 70s and 80s in particular. There are a couple limitations to the study, Killewald says.

When Husbands Don’t Work, Marriages Fall Apart

My job is an important part of my life and I'm very proud of the work I do. When I talk about my job to my partner, however, she seems disinterested and often changes the subject. She also doesn't ask me about my job, or any of the projects I'm working on, even though I mention them to her often. Her blatant disinterest hurts my feelings.

My husband is a wonderful man in so many areas and we have a generally happy and loving relationship. He told me a year and a half ago that he wants to get a new job.

In our " Money Mic " series, we hand over the podium to someone with a strong opinion on a financial topic. These are their views, not ours, but we welcome your responses. Today, one woman discusses her deep misgivings about her marriage, why she resents being the sole breadwinner and how her dynamic with her husband affects their kids. Money is emotional and sensitive, so please respect that each person makes individual choices.

Hardworking wife who resents unemployed husband has 2 choices

The business of divorce prediction, that is to say, is murky. It has nothing to do with money or whether the wife is working too. This revelation is just one of many to come from the work of Alexandra Killewald. A professor of sociology at Harvard, Killewald takes a statistical approach to inequality in the United States , focusing primarily on the relationships between work, family, and income.

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Nicole has been married three years, and her husband hasn't been able to maintain a job during that time. She doesn't know how to motivate him to keep a job and is frustrated. Dave suggests laying down some ground rules now. See if your husband will go with you. I can give you my opinion. My opinion is that you need to take the television and the computers and the games out of your house—completely.

How to Support Your Husband during His Job Search

Both for me, and for him? I think its the combination of the two issues. If he was just bad at job searching, I could figure out how to best assist him. If he was good with searching but just a crankypants, I could probably manage that as well. Feel for you and your husband. Job searching is so demoralizing. Well crap.

We have all heard a friend or a loved one say “he/she is the best I am going to get. with a financially irresponsible partner don't want to seem like a failure to their family and friends. 4. Your partner refuses to work to provide for the family!

But it is not at all obvious. The results I see are husbands starting businesses, or growing their businesses, and getting promotions—three in one year, sometimes——or winning sales contests and getting raises. And it was all because their wives took this scary, but enormously gratifying, approach. In fact, just like jealousy, it has the opposite effect, which I explain here.

Is there anything I can do to legally force my husband back to work?

We have a two-year-old son and a four-year-old daughter. When my daughter was born, my husband and I decided that he would quit his job, which he hated, and I would support the family, while he went back to school to earn his B. His dad was an alcoholic, so he thinks he is too.

Supporting a husband during unemployment can be stressful. There are probably a lot of questions going through your head: How will you support your family financially? How can you help him find a new job?

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