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Teach with joy what to look for in a man

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I was going through my old files and I found this talk on Courtship and Dating. For my single readers out there…this is for you…. Edric and I would like to share with you how our relationship started so that you can copy the good about it and avoid the mistakes we made. Some things we learned the hard way and we want to be honest with you. Edric: Joy and I have been happily married for 13 years. We first met in college at Ateneo.

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A Trait All Gentlemen Should Have

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Once again, to my single readers, here is the the post I promised. It took me a while to put it together but with the help of a group of men whom I trust and hold in high regard, I got the content I needed. Although certain preferences varied from one guy to another, there were a couple that stood out as pretty consistent.

Someone who will follow his leading. Men naturally like to lead and they want a woman who will trust and respect them to do so. A man is called to headship in a marriage. In fact, he welcomes this. This is what counts. Will she be willing to yield her will in favor of his, trusting that God has spoken through her husband? God has given men the responsibility of leadership in a marriage.

He has uniquely made a woman to be a compliment to a man. A positive, joyful person. If a man is going to settle down with someone FOREVER, let her not be a grumpy, moody, self-absorbed person who will drain the life out of him! Oh my. Men go to happy hour to get away from a woman like that. They want someone who will encourage, build up, and affirm them. I believe in you. I know God is going to help us get through this. Is this asking too much? After 12 years of marriage, I know how powerful statements like that can be.

As women, we have a way with words. We can target our statements to cut through a person. What were you thinking?! That was really stupid! This is all your fault!

I was better off single! And on and on…. No guy wants to end up with a woman who will keep highlighting his present mistakes or resurrect his past failures. A good guy is looking for a woman who will encourage him to trust in God, who will keep him hopeful about the future, and remind him that she is right there with him, willing to move towards it together, for better or for worse! Anywhere is fine as long as she is with me. Physically attractive. God first presented Eve to Adam visually.

Almost all the men I know the good guys and the bad boys notice what a woman looks like. In fact, this is often what gets their attention at the beginning. When it comes to outward beauty, it can be very subjective. This means there is no ONE type that will appeal to every single man on the planet. At the same time, there are attributes that are considered universally appealing which we can do something about.

Here are some examples: clear skin and vibrant hair, feminine curves, fitness, posture, bearing, smile, a positive body-image, confidence, hygiene, and grooming. We need to do our best to look our best. If this means we need to update our wardrobe because our closet is a collection of ratty T-shirts from high school, then we need to go out and get something nice.

My mom and I enjoy bargain shopping. We are able to find stylish clothing just about anywhere without having to spend a fortune.

Okay, I probably need to get my hair professionally cut soon. But she taught me a lot about how to sit, stand, walk, and how to dress like a lady. A good guy has radars that alert him to avoid high maintenance women. Men can tell if a woman is overly concerned about her physical appearance. My older brother used to ban me from wearing all kinds of clothing.

As a married woman, Edric helps me a lot. Honestly, the most attractive women I know and admire are those who are spirit-filled and radiate Christ-likeness. Someone he can connect with and enjoy activities with.

Being able to engage one another in conversation, meeting each other intellectually, having common passions, hobbies, interests or shared ministries…these things add dimension to a relationship. A guy wants his life partner to be a companion he can have fun with and DO things with. My brother, Paul, and his sister-in-law, Jenny, are both athletic.

In fact, they seem to breed athletes. My nephew, Caleb, turned over at just a few weeks! Since Paul and Jenny are into fitness and sports, they can play golf together, run, bike, swim, and if Paul is lucky, he can even get Jenny to play basketball once in a while.

Recently, they even mounted a Fitness Retreat for athletes. A good man will be drawn to a woman who invests her life in blessing those around her versus someone who is self-absorbed, spends too much time on Facebook and Instagrams herself all the time. I have a friend who is absolutely loved by her mother-in-law.

So very early on, she won the favor of her mother-in-law. In our family, all my sisters-in-law are dearly loved, too. My brothers made sure that my parents got to meet them before they committed their hearts.

Most important of all…A committed follower of Jesus. One of the couples in our discipleship group a small group for couples had a pretty rocky start. Both the husband and wife would criticize each other in public and they would shout at one another during fights in private.

However, both of them had a relationship with Jesus. When they began to take their spiritual growth seriously, there was a very noticeable change in the way they treated each other. The wife became sweeter, more respectful and submissive toward her husband. In fact, she made a degree turn from the person she used to be. So many conflicts in marriage need spiritual solutions. Furthermore, when children come into the picture, it matters that both husband and wife share the same biblical values.

Before I end this entry, I want to insert some of my own take-it-or-leave-it tips on what is attractive in a woman. But I believe there is an art to the kind of womanhood that men are drawn to and it largely has to do with behaving like a lady, a feminine one. Some people have vehemently reacted to this list. My goodness, no. Wear pants. At the end of the day, a man will look past things like this if he really loves you.

I know someone who had sweaty hands and stinky armpits but she has a husband who is madly in love with her. Wear dresses and skirts more often than pants. It sounds silly but it makes a difference. If you like him, smile at him, talk to him when he talks to you. If he has already expressed interest in you, reciprocate interest if you like him. You can wave hello or initiate conversation.

Let him miss you. Be happy for him and give him his space. Be busy doing your own thing. Pursue your ministry calling, hobbies, work, and interests.

When he starts to open up to you and share his dreams, his frustrations, his goals, etc. Preserve an amount of mystery. This is different than playing games. Show off some of your domestic skills if you are pretty confident about them. Cook him a meal, or bake him some brownies. Be game for adventure and activity. Be fun! Be thoughtful and considerate. Another example is when he has a rough day, send him a word of encouragement. Love God more than you love him.

Set boundaries when it comes to the physical. In fact, I want to end with that thought.

Don’t Stop Praying for Your Husband

Having three sons offers Edric and I many opportunities to learn about what boys are like and how they develop into men. One thing is certain, they need guidance and direction when it comes to growing in their concept of manhood. Edric plays a vital role in this aspect of their development, and he has intentionally taken it upon himself to teach them what it means to be gentlemen.

My beautiful sister, Candy, is visiting from the U. She gave her testimony about purity to a group of young people two weekends ago. I asked her for a copy of what she shared for the benefit of all my single readers.

His love also gave me the capacity to forgive and the boldness to declare what He has done. I want to borrow once more the words of Joseph in Genesis , where he said: 'You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. I asked my parents if I could hang out at school in the evening with my friends, but they suggested that Irene and Lana come over and spend the night in our house instead. My parents were going to be out teaching a Bible study in Makati City that night. They felt more comfortable about having my friends over, rather than me being out of the house.

A Strong Man Needs A Strong Woman

John Cartafalsa , Lynne Anderson. At the heart of every profession is a passion for it. The editors have gathered "a chorus of voices" with whom they have interacted over the years. These stories permit us to follow the teachers' journeys, as they navigate the rough waters of learning in a search for unique perspectives on teaching. The results of their search are a belief system that sustained them through their seasons of growth and change. For the first time, these teachers open their souls and reveal the trials and tribulations, as well as the exhilaration of their accomplishments. This anthology features stories from engaging and authoritative educators whose experiences have impacted and enhanced their lives and the lives of their students. The theme at the core of this collection is "that passion and courage to challenge. These are tales of individuals who dared to challenge long held traditional belief systems, and consequently forged a new path ahead in higher education. Interwoven in their stories are a plethora of strategies, techniques, and approaches that are designed to enhance academic rigor and achievements in higher education.

Raped by seven men at 15: Joy Tan-Chi Mendoza on forgiveness and hope in Christ

Edric is and always will be the love of my life. The other morning, I snuggled up to him in bed. So he pulled me to himself and hugged me. I just lay there, content and calmed by the nearness of him. In the book of Proverbs there is a verse that says a man should rejoice in the wife of his youth.

My prayer life was mediocre in the last two months of pregnancy because my routines were disrupted.

My father was a temperate man, not the kind of person who was very affected by emotional swings. So it was challenging to be married to a man who could switch between extremely excited and extremely frustrated from one moment to another, depending on the circumstance or trigger. As Edric grew in his understanding of what it means to be controlled by the Holy Spirit, he changed. He was less moody, less irritable, and more conscious of how his reactions affected those around him, especially the kids as me.

What To Look For In A Man

Linda Christensen. Christensen is recognized as one of the country's finest teachers. Her latest book shows why.

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Once again, to my single readers, here is the the post I promised. It took me a while to put it together but with the help of a group of men whom I trust and hold in high regard, I got the content I needed. Although certain preferences varied from one guy to another, there were a couple that stood out as pretty consistent. Someone who will follow his leading. Men naturally like to lead and they want a woman who will trust and respect them to do so. A man is called to headship in a marriage.

Courtship and Dating

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Jun 29, - There is no other person who ought to be praying more for a Purpose – Lord, help my husband to know you, to know that he is loved by you.

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Цепная мутация, которую вы обнаружили в ТРАНСТЕКСТЕ, является частью этой диагностики. Она там, потому что я ее туда запустил.

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