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Tips to look like a korean girl

You can also take note on the Japanese eye brow. Korean one slight thicker than Japanese. Thank you. You might be interested in Korean and Japanese style i think :. I've an idea now for our school's cosplay event I am a Indian Could u tell me how can I make my looks like Korean without makeup Could u plzz create a blog for this me n my friends r going to act as Korean girls,sing and dance to SNSD We are 9 of them and my role is taeyeon was r ready with our acting , singing and dancing but only our makeup is not ready This is our great opportunity bcuz we are going to Seoul,south korea and perform in SMcoex artium so we are trainees of SM but its our special audition aka performance stage only Korean people who are coming there on that day and even some SM idols are coming plzz could u help us bcuz our performance is somewhere in this December It will be very helpful sweetie If u are an Korean u can watch us on that day in SMcoex artium I will confirm the date and tell u but the tickets are not free it seems but I think it won't cost much If any other Koreans here plzz cum to our show it is indeed very helpful to us Thank you And plzz help me with the looks dude.


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Complete 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine For Morning And Night

When it comes to setting trends, the country of South Korea is often at the leading end. Think about it. From the numerous Korean skin care products, sheet masks and the game-changing step skincare regime to the general obsession with Korean TV dramas and movies that has caught on to, you guessed it, the quirky genre of music that K-Pop Korean pop is now - South Korea is the undefeated setter of beauty, tv and now, also, fashion trends.

For those who watch K-dramas and follow the swoon-worthy band member of K-Pop bands such as BTS, you already know the Koreans are in a league of their own. All the latest shows are filled with just as much fashion inspo as they are with romance, suspense and comedy.

Korean fashion trends will help you upgrade your sartorial game and pump new life into your closet. Korean Styling Tips. Top Korean Brands. Korean Online Shopping. The global trend that all women across the world are obsessed with is better and much bigger in South Korea.

Wintertime sees extremely oversized puffer coats, structured overcoats - we love those overcoats - and big jumpers. Take notes from the Koreans on how to incorporate this trend into their outfits. If there is such a thing as a fashion obsession, this is it. One of the biggest and best Korean fashion trends at the moment is all checks everything.

From doing check-on-check to pairing the pattern with neons or going monotone, take a cue on how to style a classic pattern in new and ultra chic combinations by paying attention to this Korean fashion trend.

These girls show that a simple pair of blue denim pants goes a long long way. They wear them with t-shirts, shirts and tops, sure, but they know how to mix it up with dresses, tunics and skirts as well. A Korean fashion trend that needs to take over your autumn and winter wardrobes is the knee-high accessories and shoes.

Not only are knee-high socks and boots a requisite in chilly weather but they are also one of the things Korean women deem as super stylish as it instantly changes the look of an outfit. If you build a good collection of various prints, patterns and textures of socks, all your skirts and dresses can be chosen accordingly, also making it easier to choose.

No one does retro chic like Korean women. When it comes to t-shirts, retro could mean various elements or details - one style could be vintage graphics, fonts, logos and photos; the other could refer to colour combinations, patterns and prints.

Tuck one into a cool denim skirt or layer one with a denim jacket - a retro t-shirt collection goes a long way. For instance, adding a floral shirt to a casual ensemble with ballet flats or kitten heeled mules seems effortless as compared to wearing a dress with pumps… Similarly, adding a silk scarf and wearing basics with details such as ruffles, embellishment and pleats instantly dresses up an outfit too.

If you thought athleisure was a thing in India, you have no idea how big it is a fashion trend in South Korea. A different kind of street style, the Korean version of sportswear is all about kitschy colours, oversized silhouettes and nostalgia-inducing patterns.

From neons to giant stripes, there are so many details to choose from. Apparently, the weather in South Korea is all for hats. The kind of hats that are most on-trend at the moment are berets - all types of them. Trust this Korean fashion trend to mix it up during wintertime. Korean women are often seen sporting chunky knits and uniquely textured sweaters and pullovers in the cold and we can see why.

Korean women have a way with accessories and it shows. Everything from their novelty shoes to jewellery to bags. Especially bags! This Korean fashion trend is by far the easiest to pull off, no matter how bold your clothing choice is.

Maximalists, be careful with the number of details you push into one outfit. The Korean fashion trend that brings both together in one piece of clothing - long skirts. To mix it up even further, you could also play with texture by including materials such as PU, vinyl, leather, silk, linen and suede in your wardrobe.

For summertime, half-tuck your button-down into your long skirt and dress it up with a bright, big-buckled belt to make a statement. Want to know how to layer without looking like a clothes rack? Do it as the Korean women do. Be smart about how to layer - keep in mind the temperature, unique colour combinations, patterns, prints, lengths and textures.

In the summertime, learn to layer with pinafore, cami and strapless dresses without having to sweat throughout the day. This Korean fashion trend is one of the most fun looks to pull off as there are so many ways you can make a statement by layering. Now that you know about all the Korean trends and Korean styling tips, you need to start shopping!

Check out brands that help you achieve the looks rocked by your favourite K-pop and K-drama celebrities! Here are the top 6 brands to shop from:. Launched in as a blog shop, StyleNanda is now popular worldwide. The brand is famous for its quirky pool cafe in Seoul and is also known for its affordably priced yet on-trend designs.

The designer behind Kye , has worked on collaborative projects with well-known brands such as Adidas, Shu Uemura etc. The brand retails edgy, grunge-style sporty clothing. Their use of vibrant, colourful graphics is what Tibaeg is known for. The term is derived from the concept of a teabag, which infuses its flavours into the water as the brand infuses its colours within you. The designer behind the brand, Kim Sung-Eun started Tell The Truth with the aim of providing elevated pieces one can wear for a long time.

Love edgy denim and effortless streetwear? SJYP is the brand for you. This way, you can add your favourite Korean Fashion Trends to your closet with just a click. Known for: Vintage style dresses, basics, accessories, outerwear. Online shopping for women never looked better! All Wellness Self Help Health. Plixxo Luxeva Luxeva Limited. Close Menu. Open Menu. Follow Us.

Sign In. Arunima Rustagi. Read More from Fashion. Sayunkta Jain Junior Editor. Khushboo Sharma Senior Writer. Don't Hang Up Your Hat!

Thank You, K-Dramas And K-Pop, For All These Korean Fashion Trends & Style Tips!

Last Updated on May 5, Need some tips for dating a Korean girl? Maybe you have already set your sights on a lovely Korean lady. While every girl is different, in general many Korean girls have similar expectations when dating and will utilize similar dating rituals and techniques. Some of these arise from Korean culture and others from more recent pop culture and trends.

Since I started to cover K-pop for Allure in , I've interviewed approximately idols — and counting. Through our conversations backstage or over the phone, I've learned that beauty, specifically skin care, blurs language barriers and gives us common ground. I may not have the expert ability to hit a high note while body rolling like Monsta X's Shownu , Seventeen's Joshua , or Chung Ha , but at the end of the day, we all wash off our makeup and dive into an extensive skin-care routine.

Updated: May 4, Reader-Approved References. Translated literally, ulzzang means "best face" in Korean, but the term has expanded in popular culture to refer to a subtle South Korean style. Originally used to refer to the large eyes, small lips, high nose bridges, and pale milky complexion of Korean fashion models, ulzzang status became popular in the wake of Cyworld picture contests, in which voters would select among the most stylish photographs submitted. If you want to cultivate this style, you can learn the eye, hair, and clothes basics and how to get your fresh new ulzzang style online.

6 Korean Models Reveal the Best Skin-Care Secret They Learned From Their Mothers

The first step to looking like an idol is beautifully clean skin! Korean idols all have a perfect complexion that makes them shine! You can choose to follow a trend, but the best option would be to get a hairstyle that matches the shape and size of your face. Natural-looking makeup is the trend in Korea, inspired by idols who wear very little or very natural-looking makeup. The most important thing when shopping for clothes is getting the right fit that accentuates your body. Fitness is important for K-Pop idols! They dance and exercise daily to maintain their perfect figures. Hit the gym or exercise at home to get that S-Line, or muscular figure that idols are famous for! The way eyebrows are shaped make a big difference! Everything from your posture, to your walk, to your confidence can be influenced by dance!

10 Rules of Skin Care That Help Korean Women Look So Young

Put your best face forward with these beauty and fashion tips to look ulzzang in ! Korean beauty trends have been gaining popularity in recent years, not only in its country of origin South Korea but also in other nations including the Philippines. Filipinos are known to be versatile, creative, and we are very open when it comes to new things that we think will have a positive effect on us. Well, we have been colonized multiple times in the past, which made us culturally-diverse and open for new ideas from other countries to add to our own. One of those trends from Korea that caught our attention is the ulzzang makeup and fashion.

There is no denying that we are obsessed with K-beauty.

When it comes to setting trends, the country of South Korea is often at the leading end. Think about it. From the numerous Korean skin care products, sheet masks and the game-changing step skincare regime to the general obsession with Korean TV dramas and movies that has caught on to, you guessed it, the quirky genre of music that K-Pop Korean pop is now - South Korea is the undefeated setter of beauty, tv and now, also, fashion trends.

7 Easy Ways To Appear More Attractive, That K-Pop Idols Use

The Hallyu Wave is not budging, and we're not complaining. Most want to achieve their beauty, fashion, and body, but of course, what's most lusted after is their looks. Here are 6 beauty secrets Korean celebrities use to look glamorous, without having to undergo the knife Eyebrows may not be the sexiest part of your face but it's often at the centre of a beauty conversation.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Korean Secret Steps for "Glass Skin"

Updated: April 22, Reader-Approved. Have you ever desired to be just like girls that look like the most innocent, adorable people on the planet? Read this article to learn how to be kawaii yourself! To be a Kawaii girl, dress in bright, colorful clothes with feminine details like frills and bows. Then, add key chains, clip-on stuffed animals, and other cute accessories to your backpack or purse.

19 K-Pop Stars Reveal Their Most Creative Tips for Achieving Glass Skin

Korean Women Fashion — If you are a fashion lover then you must always be looking for the newest trending ideas and tips. There are plenty of fashion trends that are very popular in Korean girls that also spread out to serve as global fashion trends. Korea is that one place where people are fashion freaks and Korean girls love dressing up well, no matter wherever they go. With these new clothing ideas, you can enhance your style and beauty. If you are someone who loves to experiment with their outfits you might end up loving and later on trying these outfits ideas.

sep - How To Look Like A Korean Girl (makeup tutorial) good lord this girl is annoying but the makeup is cute.

Our ultimate guide to Korean fashion kicks off with a look at the classic, feminine aesthetic popular in Seoul. Recently, I embarked on the holiday of a lifetime to one of my dream destinations: Seoul, South Korea. Seoul is an endless, evergreen source of fashion inspiration, and while traveling there, I found my own sense of style evolving in real time.

Korean Skin Care Habits Every Woman Should Adopt

These tricks will keep your skin glowing and hydrated all winter long—no step process required. When it comes to Korean skin care, more is more. Heard of the exhaustive ten-step routine that Korean women follow daily? If you don't quite have the time or money for this kind of multi-step process, you're in luck.

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Everyone has an ideal person that they want to be like, and standards of beauty they'd like to live up to. With the rising popularity of Korean music and TV, it's no surprise that many girls find themselves liking the Korean makeup style or K-Pop trends. This article goes over makeup, skincare, and hair styling.

I'm going to pull a Kanye and say yo, Korean skincare , I'm really happy for you, but Korean makeup is one of the most innovative categories of all time. For one, the textures are unbelievable: The highlighters are buttery-smooth and melt into your face like second skin, the lip tints give the Popsicle-stained look without feeling dry, and the cushions, oh yes, the cushions.

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6 Fantastic Tips for Dating a Korean Girl

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