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What guys want to hear from their girlfriend

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Look at how many songs are named after a woman! I dare you to name just three about a guy! Anywho, read on to discover our selection :. Probably the most important thing a man likes to hear! I am proud of you! OK so society puts a lot less presure on us than it does on women concerning physical appearance… However, men will gladly take compliments about their physique!

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9 Small Things Guys Love When Their Girlfriends Do For Them

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In my relationship, I tend to do most of the talking. In our conversations, my hubby and I talk mostly about the kids natch , work, upcoming appointments, weekend warrior home projects, my never-ending to-do lists, blah blah blah. And my sweet guy typically just smiles and listens to me chatter on.

But when it comes to communicating, there are some surprising things all men want to hear from their partners that have nothing to do with to-do lists.

In fact, a study reported in Time found that men are more vocal when it comes to public speaking than women are. When it comes to relationships and friendships, though, women are far more talkative than their male counterparts. Start incorporating some of these ideas in your banter between you and your husband, and you might find that your conversations and your relationship improve dramatically. Hands down, most of the men crowdsourced for this story all wanted to feel that their partners were proud of them.

It feels pretty awesome when your honey tells you how beautiful you look. Repay the compliment and tell him how attractive he is as well. I needed to hear it. If you thought that you were the only one who needed reassurance in the relationship, think again.

Hey, there are a lot of good-looking guys out there. Knowing that your woman only wants you makes me feel more confident. And I feel happy in return. Yes, those big strong arms sure are sexy, but guys want to be held, too. Taylor D.

Men get a bad rap for always wanting to get it on — and for the most part, they bring it on themselves.

Alex H. Men are imperfect just like the rest of us. But when I do, I see that my sweetie is happier for it. Michell R. My wife, saint that she is, told me that she believed I could do it, and it made all the difference in the world.

Make it a point to say something genuine, loving, and kind to your partner, if not daily then fairly frequently. It just might rescue your relationship.

22 things guys like to hear from their girlfriends

Most of the time, men will turn into putty in your hands if you just say the right things to them. Here's what men want to hear from the women they love. Most of the time, guys have to do all the legwork when they are going on a date.

You cannot make it up and pretend to like something just because you think giving a compliment is going to make him like you better. Men want to be appreciated for who they are and what they are good at.

They may not notice your new hairstyle. They may not notice your new shoes. There are, however, some things that just about every man notices -- when, of course, it comes to the woman he loves. But the essence of love is in the details. While these nine things guys love when their girlfriends do may seem insignificant, nothing could be further from the truth.

15 Things All Guys Want To Hear AT LEAST Once (So Pay Attention!)

Communication is always going to be very important in a relationship. And any mature guy who is in a relationship with a girl is still going to want to encourage free and open communication. Girls and boys tend to speak completely different languages. If you happen to be in a relationship with a man, then you are going to want to stay mindful of what you say. You never know when the words that you use are going to rub him the wrong way. In general, you have to make yourself aware of the many ways that your words might impact him. Even if you genuinely think that he resembles your dad a lot, keep it to yourself. No matter how good or how pure your intentions might be, this is not something that he is going to receive all too well.

5 Things Guys Secretly Want From Their Girlfriends But Will Never Admit To

March 21, Love Men, as much as, women want to hear that they are loved. It gives them the assurance that they are going right with their relationship. The fact that they are not able to express their emotions clearly makes them all the more insecure.

There are certain things we wish our girlfriends would say to us more often—here are just a few of them.

You know how amazing it feels when your man cherishes and adores you and showers you with love? Well he gets the same feeling when you ask for his advice. Men have an overwhelming need to feel useful, to feel like they have something of value to offer.

21 Sweet Nothings He Needs to Hear

We found 50 guys to spill what men want most—even the stuff most don't have the guts to say out loud. Warning: We must have found the most honest guys in the universe. We asked—and, wow, did they open up the vault: the good, the bad and the OMG, did he just get in a time machine to ?

In a relationship, it's not only women who like to hear that they look nice or that they're wanted. Whether it's a simple compliment to kick off his day or something deeper, these affirmations will strengthen your bond. If you're feeling lucky in love, don't keep those thoughts to yourself: Tell your significant other exactly how you feel. Acknowledging his contribution to our overall happiness and wellbeing guarantees his continued desire to be a positive force in your life. Everyone needs to feel that our efforts count, especially in our romantic lives. From a sheerly selfish viewpoint, commending your mate is good for you.

Exactly What Men Want To Hear From Women (But Would Never Admit)

Men and women are, undeniably, different. While these differences are something to be celebrated, it can make communication a challenge. It takes empathy and a desire for connection to break through these barriers. What makes you feel happy and loved is not always going to be what does the equivalent for him. But while men often present a tougher exterior, they feel the same desire to be complimented. If he gets a new haircut, tell him you think it looks super flattering. Comment on how sexy he looks in those jeans.

Feb 5, - Believe it or not, when a guy loves his girlfriend, he loves seeing a text from her first It's not only women that need to hear it from time to time.

And once you start dating him, the guy would try to show you how worthy he is of you by sweet talking and wooing you every day. So when your boyfriend does something sweet for you, make sure you let him know just how you feel. It would make him happier knowing he pleased you, and in all probability, he may work harder to impress you all over again, the next time around.

8 Things All Guys Don’t Want To Hear From Their Girlfriends

In my relationship, I tend to do most of the talking. In our conversations, my hubby and I talk mostly about the kids natch , work, upcoming appointments, weekend warrior home projects, my never-ending to-do lists, blah blah blah. And my sweet guy typically just smiles and listens to me chatter on. But when it comes to communicating, there are some surprising things all men want to hear from their partners that have nothing to do with to-do lists.

The 11 Things All Men Want To Hear From A Woman

If certain things give you unending pleasure when they come from your man, why not reciprocate his effort to help him achieve sexual bliss? Saying sweet and naughty stuff in bed can make him perform better, but this does not mean you start sugarcoating compliments and remarks concerning his performance. Sexual remarks give men a kick and boost their confidence because they feel indulged.

Every guy loves validation that his sexual prowess is worthy of you. Most guys what to come to the conclusion that they want to marry their current girlfriend in their own time, however long that may take.

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