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Find your bts boyfriend

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QUIZ: Which Guy From BTS Should You Date?

Jungkook has a huge heart. It is youthful, spirited and passionate. He is also intelligent and is attracted to people with these same traits. He likes space and freedom to explore, even within his romantic relationships. He is very curious. He needs to be stimulated by intellectual things, but he also needs more gentle and subtle ways of expressing love. He can be insecure and will be put off if his partner is uncommunicative or dull.

He can be difficult to please as he needs a spontaneous, youthful and fun partner, but also one who is grounded and dependable and not too outgoing. He can be moody or indifferent, these moments will confuse his partner especially because of their contrast as well as them being different to his normal warm and loving nature.

He literally loves emotional and physical affection, and needs a ton of physical attention- sex giving him a buzz and giving him energy. Although he is passionate and intense, he can also be very logical, rational and fair. Making him a great boyfriend. His emotional and sexual needs often get mixed up and it can be difficult for his partner to know what to give him. He might find it difficult to be fully satisfied unless both his emotional and sexual needs are met, which means he might need to wait a few years before being in a committed relationship.

Who in bts is your boyfriend? Which one are you? When something happens that affects your emotions and behavior, what do you do? Immediately talk to someone close to you, giving them an explanation for your behavior and seeking support. Bottle it up, but hope someone will ask you what's wrong, especially your partner. Ignore it, acknowledging it will just make it harder. You don't want to talk about it. You find it difficult to talk about difficult things, but you make it clear you are upset and expect comfort from your partner.

When it comes to physical affection, you are;. Extremely touchy, it is your main love language. You are practically always touching people around you. You are touchy with people you are close to. You are very physically affectionate behind closed doors but hate public displays of affection.

You don't often show affection but when you do it means a lot. You find it awkward, but you would appreciate a touchy partner. You are not touchy. In BED you are more;. A total switch. You are not sexual other. Are you more;. Spontaneous, but able to be serious when it is needed. Grounded, but able to let loose when it is not too risky. Which one are you more of;.

A listener. An entertainer. Easy to convince. Hard to convince. Which one best describes you;. You are supportive, you will give your all to your partner when they need it. You are very selfless with your love. You are supportive, and will listen to help your partner, but expect the same from them. You are easily scared off, you only really stick around and give yourself to someone if you truly love them, which does not often happen.

Which one would you rather do with your bts boyfriend? Go to the conenience store at 2am to get snacks. Go for a walk in the park, listening to music. Go to a gallery and then draw each other.

Cuddle all day. Go shopping for clothes, picking out outfits for each other. Go to a fancy restaurant. Go to a concert of one of your mutual favorite artists. Which one most resembles you;. You are a homebody but like to go out occasionally.

You prefer being out and about, there are so many places to explore and so many things to do. Every now and then you will stay in. Today you will stay in and tomorrow you will go out. Which one suits you best;. You don't really care about what others think. You care too much about other's opinions.

Lastly, who is your bias? On the surface, Taehyung might seem like quite a flighty and light-hearted lover, but deep down he is very earthy and sensual, putting a high importance on his romantic connection. He is very passionate. He will be a very fun and entertaining boyfriend, but also a very grounded lover who needs security. He will want to have a very intellectual relationship, and cleverness, maturity and stability actually really turn him on. He is a mixture of being surprising and spontaneous and also being very supportive and loving.

He will be a great boyfriend as he is thoughtful, caring and fun with an interesting and unique mind! He might be a little too stable and dependable, sometimes not being sensitive enough to the emotional partner he needs. He can be a confusing lover as he is unpredictable- a strange mixture between sensitivity and aloofness, capability and stupidity, spontaneity and groundedness.

He will always be surprising his partner, keeping thing fresh and youthful, but also confusing. Although he needs quite a bit of space and freedom, he can be very possessive over his lover. He will be in it for the long run, if his partner can adapt to his unique and lovable personality.

He is versatile and ever changing but can also be very logical and full of common sense when it is needed. Very emotional and committed, he will put a lot of effort into nurturing his partner and their relationship. He needs a very expressive partner as he can be extremely insecure. He might smother his partner a little bit, he just loves them so, so much and needs to know they love him back.

Jimin is similar to Namjoon in the fact that he expects his lover to be very intuitive to his feelings and needs, and this is influenced by the fact that he is very intuitive to his partners feelings. He might find it difficult to verbally communicate, which flows into his sex life- he relies on sex heavily to show his love and prove his connection.

Sex will be almost otherworldly intense. He is very sensitive and his feelings run very deep, meaning his partner will have a lot of control over him, and he will want to do anything for their praise. Although he might anger quite quickly, he is actually too forgiving.

In this case, he will thrive and be endlessly happy- as romance makes him feel complete in a way. He can get extremely possessive and jealous. He is reserved and protective of his heart, but once he makes a deep and special connection with his partner, he will do almost anything to protect and cherish it. He will develop an almost intimidating sense of unity with his partner, and will rely heavily on the silent expressions of love- meaning he will need an intuitive partner.

Namjoon is very much a feeling, sensitive and passionate lover rather than a logical one. He will be very respectful and warm to his lover; he will admire them and wants the same. He might react very emotionally before taking the time, which he will do, to understand and forgive his partner.

Sex is very important to him and he is very giving in bed. Very sensitive and romantic! He will keep up a very light-hearted appearance, often hiding his deep sensitivity from his partner.

But, of course, needs an attentive lover. Sounds like the perfect boyfriend, yes? Falls quickly but hesitantly, the time before actually becoming his partner might be quite confusing and will create a lot of tension and passion, making things kind of explosive when he or his partner finally makes a move.

Although he is very people-orientated and very friendly, it will still take a lot of time and effort to crack open his reserved nature- his partner will be one of the few to really be lucky enough to indulge in his whole, complex character. Can be contradictory with sex. He can see it as an emotional experience where he can release an almost overwhelming amount of emotions and sentimentality, or he can be quite cool and intellectual about it- making him seem a little detached.

Who in bts is your boyfriend?

About Privacy Contact Us Terms. Random Quiz Create A Quiz. Created by: OctoQuizStaff on September 23, 2, plays. The Bangtan Boys have taken the world by storm.

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QUIZ: Who Is Your BTS Soulmate?

Is it your bias? Feel free to comment below! My bias is V but it seems my soulmate is Jimin. I had fun! Well, shit. My 2 biases! I wanted Jimin so badly..

Quiz: Who’s your BTS boyfriend?

What's your favorite color? Not just the one you tell others to seem cool. He's the leader of the group acting as translator and stand-in dad. He's hugely passionate about his work and would encourage you to be the same way.

This guy is great with cooking, facial care and anything that a girl does I think.

As an actor, he is known as Do Kyungsoo — which is also his birth name. Do you consider yourself a hardcore ARMY? Want to test out your knowlenge about BTS? Take our quiz and find out how well do you know BTS!

Who Is Your BTS Ultimate Bf?

Jungkook has a huge heart. It is youthful, spirited and passionate. He is also intelligent and is attracted to people with these same traits. He likes space and freedom to explore, even within his romantic relationships.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Which BTS Member Is Your Boyfriend?

Dating Bts Quiz this quiz is pretty accurate, based on what bts have said and the kind of people i think they would like. Which member would it be? What would you do together? Would it go smoothly? What is your Ideal Date? Let's take this short quiz and find out who's your BTS prince.

Which BTS Member Would Be Your Boyfriend IRL?

Do you have K-pop fever? Are you the biggest BTS fan on the face of this planet? Do you know all their greatest hits? If you fantasize about dating one of these superstars, then you should probably take this quiz. Find out your true BTS soulmate by answering these hard-hitting questions. If you're an avid follower of the Korean Pop group sensation, BTS , then you've definitely got a favorite member and also probably a member who you feel you relate to most and matches your personality.

Now are you ready to know who's your ultimate bias in if you want to know then gogo and take the quiz hope you get your bias. V | Who is your ultimate.

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